Explosion reported at Morro Bay Power Plant

February 17, 2014

morro bay stacksThe Morro Bay Police Department received several reports of an explosion at the recently closed Morro Bay Power Plant Sunday night. [KSBY]

Individuals reported hearing an explosion and seeing a flash and smoke near the front of the power plant around 10 p.m. Police officers and firefighters responded to the plant but did not manage to find the source of the reported explosion. The responders did not find anything out of the ordinary either.

Police and firefighters examined the exterior of the plant, along with a plant manager and a San Luis Obispo County Bomb Task Force representative. They then postponed the search until Monday morning.

PG&E did not report any problems or outages in the area.

The Morro Bay Police Department asks anyone with information regarding the incident to call (805) 772-6225.


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You’re certain it was an EX-plosion?

Could it not be the beginning of the economic IM-plosion?

Location’s about right — in that Dukey-sewerplanty area. Timing’s about right.

Just be glad Duke isn’t storing coal slurry there so neither the you, the plovers or the kangaroo rats can drink the water.

Nobody hurt, no source, eh? One last loud noise, a good bye bang, a sayonara?

I guess the sweet old girl just doesn’t want to give up the ghost, and she was reminding us maybe. She’s 650 MW of fast start spin-reserve capacity, and would be willing to give us a few more years. But city and state wizards have forced her out (laws, no more “once through cooling”, etc.)

I think the old girl KNEW that TWO days after her last day available to work, the Sacramento wizards at the ISO had to beg us STATEWIDE to lower our usage with a “flex alert”. We were perilously close to blackouts, shutdowns. We needed her electric capacity, she was ready, built, paid for, a little creaky but equal to more than 50% of a nuclear unit if we’d just let her do her thing again.

The energy “planners” of our city and state said no, we want to drive Dynegy and shoreline plants into the sea, get rid of them, make kangaroo habitat out of them.

Stupid stupid stupid. At least in my humble book.

This was very rude. I was trying to sleep in my SUBARU WAGON on the embardacero, and BOOM! What am I supposed to think? How can their be a explosion and no one finds anything?