Former sheriff’s deputy pleads guilty to bank robbery

February 5, 2014

Bruce ValentineA Paso Robles man pled guilty Tuesday to robbing a Cambria bank last year.

Bruce Franklin Valentine, 70, of Heritage Ranch faces two to five and a half years in prison for the Nov. 7 robbery of a Rabobank in Cambria. Valentine was disguised in a mask as he wielded a gun and demanded cash.

The former Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy who had been supporting a disabled daughter and two grandchildren, allegedly had an expensive gambling habit.

Valentine said after he robbed the bank he went to the Tachi Palace Casino in Lemoore. Casino officials said he had gambled more than $300,000 in 2013 and lost more than $16,000.


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Sad to see this type of notation after a life in law enforcement.

Sometimes when you look into the abyss … something looks back.

If he’s as hooked on gambling as he says he is maybe he’ll take the odds that he’ll get pummeled in prison a few times because of his law enforcement background. I’d bet on that one….

Just Sayin’….

They usually do and evaluation before they enter. With his background they will place accordingly for his own protection.

Yes, there needs to be special or safe incarceration for those who might draw beatings or danger in prison, to prevent any such injury, to fully protect incarcerants who held positions of trust and abused those positions, or quashed the rights of others, did wrong things that harmed society. Such as this man, or Gibson?

OK, maybe that one was over the top.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking I agree one way or the other. I merely was pointing out how the system works.

He won’t even be safe from his own kind! CCPOA frowns heavily upon former peace officers entering “their domain” as inmates! And as far as that evaluation you suggest? The only thing that will do is put him on a “Sensitive Needs Yard” somewhere where even those there will “touch him up” at any given opportunity. He will be considered as low as a convicted child molester, and with some even lower!

Just Sayin’…

AGAIN, I am not suggesting anything. Just sayin’ how the system works. Don’t say that no one can’t get him or imply anything else.