Pismo Beach councilman appointed to California Coastal Commission

February 22, 2014

Erik Howell

Erik Howell

Gov. Jerry Brown appointed Pismo Beach City Councilman Erik Howell to the California Coastal Commission, Brown announced Friday.

Brown selected Howell from five applicants who reside in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Applicants for the seat are required to be elected officials serving in the counties they live in.

Howell succeeds former Ventura City Councilman Brian Brennan, who had to step down in January because he did not seek re-election to the city council.

The Coastal Commission helps plan and regulate the use of land and water in the coastal zone. The Commission is composed of twelve voting members.

Howell, 47, has been a Pismo Beach City Council member since 2012 and an attorney in private practice since 1993. He is a member of the Pismo Beach Lions Club and of the Shell Beach Improvement Group Board of Directors.

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Republican or Democrat, the man has served his community by serving as a member of the Lucia Mar School Board, where he worked hard to improve children’s education, even though he himself has none. He has served on the City Council of Pismo Beach where he has worked hard to maintain a positive business climate, even though he doesn’t own one. As a Coastal Commissioner he will work to preserve special places along our coast, like Pirate’s Cove and Spooner’s Cove.

I hope in the future he will give serious thought to running for county supervisor as Adam Hill’s successor!

Everyone on a school board seems to “work hard” at improving “our children’s education” – but the sad fact is, the school system is dismal and has been decaying for decades. Sorry.

Time to no longer knee-jerk react to “school board” and “teacher” like we used to. Time people are held accountable. Also, many people serve on school boards as launch pads for “higher office” – so please do not insult us with that. I loathe people who have their sights set on “higher office” – whatever happened to the Cincinnatus principals of governance? Oh well, I think Washington was our last (and only) Cincinnatus.

Still, you closed your propaganda piece with a “down with Hill” flair, so points for that! ++

Since Mr. Hill had had no success as a supervisor except for himself, should your term instead of “Hill’s successor” be Hill’s replacement?

So what did we get here another left leaner,I was hoping to see Mayor Peterson get on, but I knew that was wishful thinkling.

in consolation: many left leaning people are right handed.

Why would Gov. Brown select an attorney who belongs to the Lions Club?

Because the other choice was a Republican?

Umm…. no. As best as I can determine, there was one Republican out of five candidates:

Pismo Beach City Councilman Erik Howell (D)

Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson (D)

Goleta Mayor Michael T. Bennett (R)

Oxnard City Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez (D)

Port Hueneme Mayor Jonathan Sharkey (D)

To be fair, there are still one or two decent democrats around here. I have a hard time finding decent (or any?) republicans.

Ideally, I’d like to see a bunch of (U)’s or (I)’s for undeclared / independent, but that’s my pipe dream of a party-less system, I know.

And what is wrong with the Lion’s Club?

give us a break, I was just kiddin’!!!!!!

Would it be better if he had been an Elk? How about a Mason or an Oddfellow?

I hear lumberjacks are alright

…or an ECV! woohoo! *hic!*