San Luis Obispo man arrested for assaulting girlfriend

February 14, 2014
Tyler Kuppenbender

Tyler Kuppenbender

San Luis Obispo police arrested a 21-year-old man Wednesday evening after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend by beating her in the head with a deadly weapon, police said.

At 8:18 p.m., police officers responded to a report of a woman being assaulted in the area of Mill and Chorro streets. Officers arrived to find a woman with head injuries allegedly caused by her boyfriend Tyler Kuppenbender. The alleged assailant had fled the scene.

The victim was transported to a local hospital where she was treated and released.

On Thursday, police arrested Kuppenbender and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, corporal injury upon a cohabitant, and committing a felony while out on bail on a felony charge. His bail is set at $70,000.



Six lengthy rants on one story seems a bit much, indigo. Let’s just all agree that it’s NOT alright to beat your girlfriend, regardless of excuses/background/IQ.


A real Man’s man.


To offer empiric evidence of my above response to calling this kid a coward, and low I.Q.’s….you will note a majority will agree with him. This rush to an ad hominem conclusion will demonstrate most have an I.Q. of less than 110. Most are unable to access certain areas of the brain-and will just immediately engage in “lynch mob mentality”.


Empiric evidence is, by the way, backed by research experiments that prove a hypothesis. This was a quick and easy stat. As of typing this, 9 disapprove and 1 approve of the above statement. That suggests that 9 rushed to agree that the guy was a coward and “lynch mob”-and 1 did not. ” (This is about the general public rate). But you can do nothing with these people-you cannot explain to them they are in groupthink, lynch mob or another other sort of group state of negative consciousness. There was no further assertion of proof, and not even a weak attempt on anyone’s part to discover facts. This gives us a 90% rate. This is why those with low intelligence should not be (and are not) in positions to determine the future of others. This is why the judicial system leaves that to the educated and intelligent who are capable of higher critical thinking.


I love your last couple thoughts about leaving judicial system to highly intelligent. Um what is that group of average citizens called……..hmmm……….oh yea JURY!!! Nuff said!!!!


Listen professor, all the empirical evidence pints to one thing..he’s a coward. It is what it is.


What do you want to bet this kid is just imitating what he was taught by example?


The worst kind of coward. Enough said.


I wonder why it is that humans have a deep need to insult one another. Even the most obvious of tragic circumstances lead to ad hominem behavior. I was told back when I began my master’s degree that people (please excuse me here, but this is just what I was told during my academics) with an I.Q. of less than 110 to resort to this. (This is also the group which are highly manipulated by emotional advertising). They are simply not able to engage the areas of the brain which lead to critical thinking and reasoning with pure logic. This entails gathering facts and then processing the information without engaging the limbic area (emotional center) of the brain–but only the prefrontal cortex. In other words, there might be more to this story. (But we do not have the facts here-and there could be numerous family patterns at work). There could also be such a history of abuse with this male subject that love is neurologically tied to violence. If this is the case-I would label him “survivor” not “coward”. (Even witnessing violence in the home can cause neurological short circuiting and deep behavioral patterns). Wait; I have more bad news: the average I.Q. in the United States is 100. I have a close female friend who has an I.Q. of 167 and mine is 153. We do not engage in ad hominem behavior, mainly due to the fact that we realize we do not have a history or case file. Our social construct in the US if littered with these sorts of stories-and prisons make huge $ off this. Do you know that up to 64% of men under the age of 24 that have been convicted of murder were defending their mother against an abusive partner? Humankind has lost their “compassion chip”. Several decades ago, people would have looked a little deeper. Socially, humankind is decaying. And so is intelligence.


Only your hypothetical explanation is a great example of irony.


Boy for a guy with a 153 I.Q. your argument is weak. First because someone holds crime and wrong doing in contempt you go on after them with this blowhard statement?

Second you keep drudging up that 64% number. I can throw numbers out to at will but like Bob from SLO asked in prior posting earlier this week, do you have documentation to back that up? I see people getting killed over dope deals, gangs etc more on news than I have heard what you are describing. What am I missing? Yes domestic violence is up there at number one but that covers a large area spouses, girlfriends etc.

Yes a lot of criminals were messed up as children by parents and other factors but sadly what is done is done. Rehabilitating someone with this kind of mindset (criminal) is very hard once an adult.

I do feel bad that these individuals where never given a fair shake and now here they are but sorry I’m not God and what is done is done and I WILL not sit by and watch this carry on to the next generation, through crime.

Life isn’t perfect and is kind of messy. Do you have a better solution? Should we just set them all free and not prosecute?

One last to your comment of survivor vs coward. Let me ask you a question. Known fact that men by and large are stronger than women. So it doesn’t take much effort for a man to overpower a woman by strength only but no he uses weapon to boot. I hear your sympathy for the last two criminals here on CCN so what is your take on this victim here who was bludgeoned and what this is going to do to her and her relationships in the future. I see her more of one who is going to have to SURVIVE that kind of abuse.


Boy, for a guy with a 153 iq….I am a woman. And a damn fine psychologist at that. My childhood was filled with brutality…I was sold to pedophiles by my own mother (or, rather, rented). My head was locked in a vice by my stepfather, and many, many other torments added up to a person who was acting out in and also against others. I also had a terrible alcohol problem, as well as issues with sedatives. At one point in time, I acted out one too many times-and entered the judicial system. Someone saw through my actions, however, and so began the long journey home. Home to learning about myself (I had only an 8th grade education when I began community college at middle age) however, the community did not write me off. I work hard to show people they are worth a chance, and I will never change my position on this-ever.

1. Rule out Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopathy). If this guy is a sociopath….forget it…it truly is not destined to be repaired.

2. Examine his childhood and treat any standing addictions.

3. A minimum of 18 months incarcerated with once weekly anger management counseling and attendance at 12 step institutional meetings. This would be entirely away from any older men who might rape and abuse this young man.

I forgot to mention that I was beaten so badly during one episode that a lost a daughter during late term pregnancy. His fault entirely? Not at all. There are many warning signs a woman is with someone dangerous-it never comes out of the blue. There is more in psychology to defining a “criminal mindset”, but we must remember: character is when you forgive and still have the ability to see the good in others, and our society is defined by how they treat others less fortunate. This is troubled young man…and the young woman is troubled too-because trust me-there ARE red flags. I am about to launch a seminar at the high school level that show young women what these red flags are, and also what could have transpired in their personal history that may make them prone to be attracted to these kinds of guys. Or we could just throw the book at this young man…but then…you ought to see what happens psychologically to young victims of sodomy rape in prison. It is much sadder than this, I assure you.


Oh, and please intellectually challenge me. If you feel that rate is not 64%-then pull up and cite a peer reviewed journal that says otherwise. That is how intelligent professionals debate. We do not engage in ad hominem, or any other fallacy (there are a whole list of them). We stick to the numbers and do not pull in specific cases-only statistics as a whole. I am looking at my textbook on Forensic Psychology and HRA Statistics right now…and it says 64%. HRA Statistics are what the FBI calls “Homicide, Rape, Assault” stats. That means you may have to exercise your brain cells just a bit by engaging in research.


Everyone less about each other.

Personal challenges unnecessary.

There are a number of fallacy’s appearing here.

Let’s not add to them.

! or ?


Wow you are condescending about your intelligence at every opportunity given. Well again I don’t do research for others throwing out numbers. A lot of people will quote works and information. Kind of like footnotes in a book uh?? O.k. I say I think 95% of people in prison deserve to be there just because. Yea I know sounds kinda dumb doesn’t it?


Over 80% of all statistics are made up on the spot.


A genious IQ and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee. Beating your girlfriend over the head with a deadly weapon will get you an attempted murder charge.


Thank you. The lightbulb just went on for me – albeit a dim 100 IQ flicker of light rather than a radiant 153 IQ LED. If I had a higher intelligence quotient, I could empathize with a 21 year old male who beats his girlfriend over the head with a deadly weapon.


+10, achillesheal. +10 !