Sandra Fluke mulling California Congressional run

February 4, 2014
Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke

Women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke is considering running for Congress in California to replace Rep. Henry Waxman, who is retiring at the conclusion of his term this year. [Washington Post]

Fluke garnered national attention after recommending taxpayer-subsidized birth control during testimony she gave to Congress in 2012. Radio host Rush Limbaugh then called her a “slut” on air.

Fluke has yet to officially announce her campaign or file with the Federal Elections Commission. However, a California Democratic Party delegate told the Washington Post that she has filed papers seeking the state party’s endorsement. Fluke has also paid the fee to appear on the ballot.

The 33rd District, which Waxman currently represents, includes Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

Expected challengers for the seat include former Los Angeles mayoral finalist Wendy Gruel and state Sen. Ted Lieu.


Theo P. Neustic

She got the talking-to from the Democrat Party powers-that-be. Just because they had a use for her in 2012 doesn’t mean they intend to promote her too fast now. It’s very similar to Cindy Sheehan, who was the darling of the Democrats as long as they could use her as a blunt instrument. Once Sheehan got too full of herself and decided to challenge Pelosi, well, she had to learn her place, including serious vandalism against her campaign office. Remember, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. And yes, Orwell (real name Eric Blair) was absolutely writing about the Left when he penned Animal Farm; today’s Democrat Party and the progressive Left in America are absolutely disciples of Stalin. I don’t like the current batch of Republicans either, but the progressive Left today is hideous in every meaning of the word.

Sarah Bellum

Have you already forgotten about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, aka Tea Party Barbie?


“Party Barbie” how about plastic nancy pelosi. Last time i saw a face like hers i looking into a casket.


there is more to the story than you present in your critique


one of the Texas Hunt brothers bought the rights to the Animal Farm story Dwight Eisenhower told his brother what he thought about them, coincidently.


What a crock of unmitigated garbage … a lie.

When questioned as to who Orwell ( Blair ) was alluding to, whether it was Stalinists ar Fascists, he replied “Both”.

It’s always the right wing stooges and bullies that align with autocrats, dictators, demagogues, and bigots.

And it’s always those few courageous liberals that stand up to them, call out the worst of political gangsters and warped ideologies, and fight them and destroy them if need be.


Historically leftist ideology begins with democracy


You mean in the same way that Betty Friedan courageously called out Bill Clinton on his abuse of his position to take sexual advantage of a young intern? Oh, wait, Friedan went on C-SPAN and said, in essence, “…what’s the big deal?” This after the Left crucified Bob Packwood for far less. Yes, I can see the brave hearts of “…those few courageous liberals…” beat strong with fairness and even-handed application of principle. Wow. The amazing thing is that you really believe your chosen autocrats even know you exist or would do anything for you. I at least know that most Republicans won’t piss on me if I’m on fire, but you, well, you’re smitten with your guys. Sad.


A blast from the past regarding the integrity of “…those few courageous liberals.”


No fair making general sweeping condemnations. Prove your point with references. Go ahead and prove your “always” statements. Do it.


Sandra Fluke is California’s mirror image to now Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts..

Elizabeth Warren was the administration nominee for the Consumer Protective Services Division, including Financial Services .

Obstreperous Republicans blocked this nomination at every turn !

They were ABSOLUTE in their opposition.

Elizabeth Warren went another way. She ran for SENATOR from Massachusetts, and WON !

NOW, those same blockhead Republican congressmen have to answer to HER !

AND, She’s much smarter than those idiots.

Sandra Fluke would do the same.


Slowerfaster–“blockhead” is a racial slur.


Then why did you find it in the Racial Slur database? Check your own link. “Blockhead “has been used to disparage German-Americans for decades. I heard it as a kid.


well… I expect she expects the government will pay for her campaign. But maybe her boyfriend will support her…


“well… I expect she expects the government will pay for her campaign.”

Please explain… How would “the government” be paying for her campaign, except in some BIZARRO conspiracy construct ?

Really off the deep end this time, Rabbit !

I don’t expect an answer, as Roger will run into his hole of solitary, eating his herbs and pickled beets until the dust subsides !


Taxpayer subsidized breeding, feeding and incarceration of the poor makes so much more sense for Roger’s post-apocalyptic Tea Party wet-dream of a society. Free pills, condoms and abortions are very, very cheap insurance.

fishing village

She would receive my vote if she was a candidate on the ballot here.


Village, I think about 30% would cast their votes all over again for President Obama, despite his knowledge that “you can keep your doctor and plan, period” was a falsehood, despite his saying W’s 500 billion shortfall was “almost un-American” then ruining the dollar and debt by the trillions for every American young person, his oath that O’Care would lower premiums $ 2,500 per family (ours went up thousands), on and on ad nauseum.

So your offering of a vote for Fluke certainly doesn’t surprise me. I prefer to think the electorate overall would select someone with a local track record to examine. Ms. Fluke seems more like a “15 minutes of fame” choice. I would not want her in office.

fishing village

What are you taking about? You need to try again and make sense.