SLO financial planner running for city council

February 20, 2014
Gordon Mullin

Gordon Mullin

San Luis Obispo financial planner Gordon Mullin announced Wednesday that he will run for city council in 2014.

Mullin owns a financial planning firm and has hosted a radio show on financial matters. He is the first candidate to publicly declare intent to run for the council election, which will take place in November.

“I am a financial planner with friends, clients and deep roots into this community,” Mullin said in a statement to CalCoastNews. “There are critical issues on the horizon that may adversely affect our city, and I believe that I can assist the council in its deliberations.”

The council seats belonging to Kathy Smith and Carlyn Christianson are up for election. Smith announced recently that she will not seek reelection. Christianson, who won a special election last year to replace Andrew Carter, has yet to announce her candidacy.

Mayor Jan Marx’s seat is also up for election.


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C’mon Gordon ! ( applause in the background )

Tell us what you REALLY think about the TAKERS…. the lesser classes of society !

Those that work for minimum wage or less. Less than the poverty rate.

How THEY are draining society by daring to still live.


We wait in anticipation.

Gordon Mullin is an Ayn Rand objectivist. An elitist that thinks that those that aren’t ‘special’, or privileged’ or some form of protected ( usually by money of dubious or nefarious sources ) should be allowed to sink ( die ), as a form of theoretical Darwinian constructs.

Some would call him a prophet…a visionary.

I think PSYCHOPATH is more rudimentary.

I believe Mr. Mullin was involved with Steve Baraschs unsuccessful (thank heaven) mayoral campaign in 2012. Be careful with this one SLO!

Could it actually be any worse than what they have now? likely not.

I think my name tells you I’m not a Marks, Ashbaugh fan. Yes, it would be worst.

i believe Gordon is one who wants the minimum wage law repealed. He is all for free market autonomy. Indentured servitude would suit him just fine. Good thing there aren’t any poor or homeless folks in town.

Having said that…..i would vote for him over that hack Christanson. She is just a puppet for Marx and Assbaugh and they should be incarcerated for their actions.

Isn’t Ms. Christanson then actually a puppet for the Copeland Bros and other big property owners?

Mr.Mullin states “I have friends, clients, and deep roots in this community”.

Uh, oh, another one of the ‘good ole’ boys’? How many times will he have to step aside when one of his friends, clients and deep roots wants to make something happen in SLO?

I’ve heard Mr. Mullin a bit on the radio, and more often than not disagree with him politically but I’m definitely voting for him for city council. The backroom deals and good old boy situation in SLO couldn’t possibly be worse. I believe he is running against exactly that. He is opinionated but engages rather than nay-says those he disagrees with and if he wants something done a certain way he’ll just say so rather than engage in secret political machinations. I’d like to see someone with the same character from the other side of the political fence stand up so we could elect them both and we’d have an council the like of we haven’t seen in many years.

Well, that was a fluffy load of crap for an opening statement; any yahoo can makes those statements. How about some meat-and-potatoes SPECIFICS, Mullin? Will you oppose Marx’s crazed leadership? Side with or against Ashbaugh on property matters? Will you ask the SLO motor police to stop granting an unconditional PASS to loud Harley thugs and their illegal exhaust systems? Insist upon a tiny bit of enforcement? The noise standard for a motorcycle is the same as a Toyota Camry and disturbed sleep is a marker for heart disease and early death, per the CDC in Atlanta and the NIH. Vicious traffic noise appears in their studies, over and over.

Quality of life, Mullin. Property rights, Mullin. Public health and safety, Sir. Let us know where you stand so we can support your candidacy.

Mr. Mullin is probably a fine fellow. It’s just that every time I hear the term “financial planner,”

I feel a need to run, not walk, to the nearest exit.

So do it yourself. Be it financial planning, doing your taxes or mowing your lawn you have the choice to pay someone to do it or do it yourself.

While you are running, hold on to your wallet !

ALL of them are SHYSTERS !

They’ll bleed you DRY, churning accounts …all to your ‘benefit’, collecting their vigorish all the mean time. Then claim “I KNOW NOTHING” when their super plans fail .