SLO Social Seen, The Graduate 1-30-2014

February 3, 2014

Shake your booty and stomp your boots this Thursday night at The Graduate for some good old-fashioned line dancing. The folks are friendly and the country music just doesn’t stop. The Graduate is this weeks top pick for CalCoastNews. Is the bar scene not your thing? Then try something new like and come on down to The Graduate for a great night of crazy fun.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.04.23 AM

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I’m looking forward to an article talking about how our politicians and fortune 500 CEOs are meeting in private in Northern California worshipping a giant Owl and doing a strange ceremony called the “Cremation of Care” at Bohemian Grove near Monte Rio, CA.

If you haven’t heard about Bohemian Grove- ask yourself why mainstream media won’t talk about it, it’s certainly interesting – Most people don’t even believe our politicians are worshipping a giant Owl Statue with the voice of Walter Cronkite booming in the background, until they see it for themselves.

How about an article on the strange Owl Ceremony the elite and our politicians are doing at Bohemian Grove CCN?

SLO Miss Fiesta 1957 is now an activist who smuggled journalists into the elite male only summer camp

the best article about BoHo Grove was in SPY magazine november 1989

Glad to have been part of this video! It’s always a fun night at the Grad, I’d recommend it if you’re even slightly a fan of dancing and/or country music.

On another note, a few of us saw that you also were taking pictures as well as video; will there be a photo album of these pictures put online? We’d be interested in seeing how they turned out, it’s always hard to find a good picture of yourself dancing!

Unfortunately, unlike printed articles, this one cannot be used to line the cat box…. Puhlease, CCN, spare us this crap.

And to think most people just go to the next page if something does not interest them.

Spare us your anonymous wisdom.