SLO Social Seen, Super Bowl Sunday

February 5, 2014

Join CalCoastNews’ Lauren Sharabianlou as she celebrates Super Bowl Sunday with Jeff and Jeremy from KZOZ at the BarrelHouse Brewing Company, then stops to check out the Taft Barn and the bar scene in San Luis Obispo before heading to the beautiful Sea Venture Hotel in Pismo Beach.

Jeff Beer Chug

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It’s a sad commentary that alcohol consumption is the common denominator in each and every “social seen” story.It speaks volumes about our culture. From cops, to kids, to civic leaders. Our culture seems unable to simply be itself without the help of some sort of chemical. Sad indeed.

“Each and every ‘social seen’ story”. Wow, you must have missed Monday’s video about Country Night at The Graduate. It contains multiple mentions that it’s something to do for those not yet 21, it being a great place to go to avoid the bar scene, make friends, meet amazing people, get great exercise, and do some respectful dancing.

The rest of the world may be going to hell, but it’d be nice if you’d recognize something good when you saw it.

I stand corrected, I missed that video. Thank you for pointing it out. It was refreshing to see.