Brown weary of potheads, opposes legalization

March 3, 2014
Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown

California Governor Jerry Brown, who recently declared that he would run for a fourth term as governor, stated Sunday that he opposes the legalization of marijuana. [Mercury News]

“The world’s pretty dangerous, very competitive,” Brown said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I think we need to stay alert, if not 24 hours a day, more than some of the pot heads might be able to put together.”

Brown said he is watching the states of Colorado and Washington, both of which legalized marijuana, to see how legalization affects states. People have a tendency to go to extremes, he said.

“All of a sudden, if there’s advertising and legitimacy, how many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation?” Brown said.

Californians voted to approve medical marijuana in 1996, but bids for outright legalization have since failed.



I smoke, mostly vaporize, each evening about an hour before bed. I don’t ever drive on it nor do I get stoned to the hilt. I have owned my own successful business for over ten years al the time smoking herb at night. I rarely drink as I could win a debate any time about the comparison of the two. Anyone who thinks alcohol is less dangerous is clueless. Do the research and make sure you are not reading a study financed by Butwiper or Coors. A lot more folks smoke than you would ever think.


I think the point the Governor was making is that Americans tend to take things to the extreme. “Wine is good for your heart” we run out and drink a bottle a night “hell if one is good, three is better.” If exercise is good for you we turn into fitness nazis. Carbs are bad we gorge ourselves on bacon and eggs with chicken fried steak 3Xs a day!

Is marijuana horrible? NO. Can it be abused to the point that the user turns into a Cheetos munching zombie? YES.

Any substance can be abused; not by everyone, but by some, especially among the young and immature. This type of abuse is what could cause us to lose our competitive edge in the 21st Century.

Give the Governor a break he has lived a long life and paid attention along the way. That kind of experience is invaluable AND rarer than hen’s teeth among public officials.


Once again, a “false equivalency” rears its ugly head; to call ALL who use cannabis as pot heads is like calling all who consume alcohol as alcoholics, isn’t it?

I may not have gotten around to trying marijuana yet, but when I do, that will not make me a “pot head”, just like having consumed alcohol hasn’t made me an alcoholic. I usually buy a few six packs of beer during the summer months because it is very refreshing on a hot day, but I haven’t had a beer or other alcohol for probably three or four months.

Governor Brown is making a couple of mistakes, IMO, in his derisive comments about cannabis users; he is apparently assuming that all who consume do so to point of being so under the influence they cannot perform simple tasks, and he seems to be assuming that adults cannot be adult in their choice of how they choose to relax. I think he is pandering to law enforcement and the C.O. union with his comments and needs to realize that once the voters approve the recreational uses of cannabis in California he is going to have to oversee the implementation of new laws and how law enforcement is going to have to adapt to the new reality.

All of the government money that is thrown at enforcement of antiquated drug laws can be utilized in a more positive manner, those currently serving time for simple possession violations should be released, the farming of hemp should be allowed immediately since it is a very drought tolerant crop that can grow almost anywhere. Governor Brown, you blew it with this comment, period, never mind the possible hypocrisy of your younger days.


Well penned “bobfslo.” Along with the fallacy of false equivalency, I think we can also detect s “Straw Man” or two, along with the good ol’ “Slippery Slope” fallacy.



I agree with you, but I think the Governor was addressing that flaw in our people to go overboard at times. You are right about firing up a doobie not making you a pothead, but as with alcohol some folks can’t handle it.

I think we should watch Washington and Colorado and if things work out with legalization I will be first in line to vote for legalization and turning some of our narcs into revenue taxation officers. Free college education and health care for the poor funded by sales tax from weed!!!

But if the train leaves the tracks let’s not follow them.