Candidates finalized for June primary

March 13, 2014

VoteThe filing period has closed, and the list of candidates for the June 3 primary election is complete. No new names surfaced in the last week despite election officials extending some of the deadlines.

Two supervisorial seats are up for grabs, with incumbent Bruce Gibson running to claim a third term in District 2 and recently appointed Caren Ray running for the first time in District 4. Community Services District Director Muril Clift is challenging Gibson. Ray has two opponents — Nipomo businesswoman Lynn Compton and Arroyo Grande broker Mike Byrd.

Three county offices will have new faces next year. District Attorney Gerry Shea, County Clerk-Recorder Julie Rodewald and County Superintendent of Schools Julian Crocker each announced they would not seek reelection after long stints in their positions.

Assistant District Attorney Tim Covello and Deputy District Attorney Dan Dow are vying to replace Shea. Assistant Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong, Deputy Clerk-Recorder Amanda King and Caltrans Business Management District Chief Ann Danko are running for Rodewald’s seat. Cayucos Elementary School District Superintendent Jim Brescia is running opposed to replace Crocker.

County Assessor Tom Bordonaro, Auditor-Controller Jim Erb and Sheriff Ian Parkinson are also running unopposed for their respective seats.

Morro Bay is the only city in San Luis Obispo County that holds a primary. In the mayor’s race, incumbent Jamie Irons is running for reelection against former councilwoman Carla Wixom.

Three candidates, including incumbent Nancy Johnson, are running for two council seats. High School English teacher Matt Makowetski and Morro Bay pharmacy owner John Heading are the other candidates.

Councilman George Leage chose not to run for reelection.

Candidates who receive a majority of the vote in the primary will have won their offices outright. Races in which no candidates receives a majority will conclude with runoff elections in November.


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No incumbent, period!

Everyone should remember how rude, despicable, self absorbed and immoral each of the candidates have been for the supervisory positions. We have one who has an ongoing extramarital affair for over a year with his office assistant (oh yea, his wife did divorce), plastered on the front page of the newspaper, where two families have been torn apart by the immoral behavior and conduct of a man and a woman who didn’t know right from wrong and only came clean when they knew they had been caught and were going to be exposed. It was best to come clean and resolve this and allow enough time to past whereby avoiding any issues during the campaign. The taxpayers are still paying for his fluff in the office. Does anyone really think this 61 year old is really living with his parents in Cambria. Really???

And then we have another who forgot to put on her resume that she was a member of “SLO Hash House Harriers”,

Hash House Harriers is a drinking group with a running problem.” They organize runs called hashers, an event that involves drinking and running after someone dubbed the hare.

Hashing is a mixture of athleticism, drinking, public nudity, cross dressing and hedonism, according to a hasher website. Members are given nicknames such as Princess, Panama Jackoff, Rub Her Dinghy and SLO-Cop-You-Later (Ray’s nickname).

Wonderful role model for her children and her students as a teacher at Santa Maria High School.

Have we not had enough of these insane pompous nit wits yet?

True winners for this County. We should all be proud!

Experience counts and when looking at a candidate we should see if their experience and the position they currently hold will let them hit the ground running on day one of the job they seek. Positions that are more administrative in their duties, as opposed to policy makers,favor a candidate that has administrative experience in the field or better still the agency they are seeking to lead. In this instance Assistant District Attorney Tim Covello would be the candidate with the most current administrative and management experience. He also happens to have the most trial experience with several high profile cases, such as the Rex Krebs murder case.

Assistant Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong would appear to be the better candidate for the reasons cited; management and administrative experience within the office he holds. He has helped Clerk-Recorder Julie Rodewald implement a number of improvements over the years to improve the efficiency of that office and of our elections.

When it comed to policy making positions, such as county supervisor, a different kind of experience is essential. As one of five supervisors with a support staff in the CAO’s office they benefit from having a variety of experience in leadership posts, such as city councils, community service districts, charitable organizations and business service organizations. Business experience is valuable for a candidate who controls the purse strings.

Any of the 4th District candidates could bring valuable experience to the board. Voters thus should focus on who they are, what positions do they hold on issues and what organizations do they support away from work.

Caren Ray demonstrated insight and leadership when she joined with Debbie Arnold to vote against the formation of a North County water district until all the questions had been addressed.

The other three supervisors ran as fast as possible to pass the buck to Sacramento, only to have their scheme thrown right back into their laps because of flaws and unanswered questions. Voters would do well to remember how each supervisor voted when they next stand for election.

The cream always rises to the top…but then again, in politics, the cream of the crap has a way of rising to the top. Lets all hope that doesn’t happen.

As the saying goes, “that white stuff on top of bird cr@p is still bird cr@p”

well… we’ll… we’ll…

“”The time has come,” the Walrus said,

“To talk of many things:

Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—

Of cabbages—and kings—

And why the sea is boiling hot—

And whether pigs have wings.””

Bruce “planting tree rules are for other folks” Gibson can finally be put to the test with an election. Will the public roll over as with his bosom buddy Adam Hill… or will he be held accountable??

How about Caren “Adam Hill” Ray be able to convince her district that she really is ONE OF THEM?? Or will folks see her as part of the continuing problem in County government…. do you remember her secret meeting with Adam Hill before her ‘selection’… rather than ‘election.?’

Time to save San Luis Obispo County from the agenda of outside political interests

Working through the process is what democracy is all about.

* Do you know that neither of Karen Ray’s opponents have any government experience?

* That “Business knows best” has been dis-proven once again?

* Everybody suffered through fall-out from unbridled greed, necessitating another government bail-out?

Working through the process is what democracy is all about. Taking cheap-shots at those who serve their community with a proven record of commitment is bound to backfire on those who point fingers but offer an empty hand.

Yes I do, those currently “Who have government experience” certainly have screwed things up, so government experience isn’t all that important. How about real world experience, or at least common sense.

And that unbridled greed and bail-out was from many with lifelong government experience people and we all know how well that worked out.

Time to get those with a history of government work out of government

Correction necessary. I am one of the candidates you reference. I worked eight years as an assistant to a county supervisor. That I know the job of county supervisor is not disputed. The issue for folks in the south county is, do we want county government to be run by partisan political parties? I think not, but the question will be answered by the voters June 3rd.

As for taking cheap-shots, I’m the only one in the race who voluntarily agreed to abide by a civility pledge. If cheap-shots are taken they won’t come from me or my supporters.

No matter your preference, please take the time to understand all the candidates and then vote.

I apologize to you for not being aware of your work as an assistance to a county supervisor for 8 years. Yes, that counts as experience, and commitment on your part, thus my sincere apology to you. Also like, and agree with you, on the issue of civility in the campaign during these remaining months. Postings as the very first one above are the very sort that exemplify bad manners, are an indictment on the writer, may even serve as an endorsement for others. Most of us are naked under our cloth, may that writer be dressed in proper attire, go and retire. Enough said, please accept my apology, and my proverbial hat off to you, Sir.

Based upon the actual conduct on the job and the weekly BOS it would be hard to see Caren Ray as anything but independent minded despite some people’s attempts to paint her with an Adam Hill brush. I’m not sure sure what “one of then” means but she has lived in the 4th district longer than either of her opponents and has served the communities of the 4th district longer than either either of her opponents. So I guess that would make one or both of them the outside influence. If I had to chose. When I look at the contribution reports, I would say that honor of being beholden to outside influence goes to Lynn Compton. The vast majority of her donors were north county, or out of the state, or the republican central committee.

I do remember her “secret meeting”. That was the one in the middle of the day in front of a popular coffee shop on a busy street where a passer by was able to walk up and take a picture. Your definition of secret and mine are quite different. It is my expectation that city, county and other public officials as well as many interested parties meet every day to discuss a variety of issues, sometimes even behind closed doors, I don’t think those qualify as secret meetings either.

You seem to paint Ms. Ray as a well versed, informed, and politically aware person yet she was unaware that her coffee partner should have been at his scheduled meeting instead of discussing matters with her. This seems to be at odds with your comment.

I’m not sure I made those comments but I would agree with your analysis of her abilities. I would think it was certainly possible that she knew the APCD meeting was scheduled that day. I have suggested she is independent so I think that is consistent with assuming another person is responsible for their own conduct. Unless you are implying she is responsible for Adams behavior which certainly is the opposite of most. I have no idea of the conversation but one would imagine he told her the same as he did everyone else as to why he was unable to make the APCD.

Again, if any of that was se conspiracy then why such a public “secret meeting”

Isn’t actual job performance a better measure than weekly conceived conjecture?

Too clarify, I made no analysis of her abilities, yet, I need to since I am in her district. I hope you are wrong that she knew about the APCD meeting and I certainly I don’t think she is responsible for Mr. Hill action but is for her own by not telling Mr. Hill that she can’t meet with him at that time since he should be at his scheduled meeting. You have to admit it looks bad for her in all directions or at least a lack of common sense, not knowing about the meeting if she is such a polished government person, or knowing about it and not knowing it is best for her not to be seen with a person who should be at the meeting.

And I guess we will see what is most important too the voters in June, but for me until she explains her actions both at meetings and in public my vote must go to someone else.

Well again, I don’t know the content of any discussion but I would bet she regrets that meeting for the reasons you stated. It is reasonable to assume that someone would not know the specifics of a meeting or Adams conduct earlier in the day and would be left taking his word for the legitimacy of Adams conduct (as anyone would in similar circumstance would). What actions at meetings and in public do you refer to. She seems very articulate and deliberate in the weekly BIS meetings.

I don’t know how polished she is and not am I sure that’s what I’m looking for in that position. If that were the measure we would be without any local public officials.

The knives come out as you parse verbally, and logically, these stabs of inuendos quiet well – my compliments to you! Glad to share with you the distinction of “earning” more red clicks than greens ;-) Shows me I’m on the right side of the issues! CCN sure bring them out, doesn’t it?!

Please check the job titles for these 2 candidates. You currently have them reversed.

The Assistant District Attorney (second in command) is Tim Covello. Dan Dow is a Deputy District Attorney.