Democrats lose supermajority

March 4, 2014
Ron Calderon

Ron Calderon

After a little more than a year of a Democrat supermajority in both houses of the California Legislature, the legal troubles of two Democrats has cost the party its state Senate majority. [MercuryNews]

State Sen. Ronald Calderon’s decision Sunday to take a paid leave of absence while he fights federal corruption charges is slated to eliminate the supermajority Democrats won in 2012. Last week, a federal grand jury indicted Calderon on charges of bribery, fraud, money laundering and other offenses.

The legal troubles of Calderon and Sen. Roderick Wright have given new power to Republicans who lost their relevance in the 2012 election that gave Democrats a supermajority in both houses. Gov. Jerry Brown has urged Democrats to use their power judiciously, holding the line on major new spending despite rebounding state revenues.

California law requires that proposed constitutional amendments, new taxes and fees and ballot propositions win by a two-thirds vote of the lawmakers in each house.



Why should a little thing like the loss of the Democrats super majority curtail their continuing destruction of California business’s, the middle class, and an individuals constitutional rights. What you think the voters would hold them responsible for it, they hope not. They do everything they can to keep “their ” voters un-informed.


not a bad thing really to lose the supermajority… they really don’t have a clue on how to fix the state and this will protect them from doing things legislatively that they eventually lose in court anyway.


Paid leave…seriously?????? Another classic example of our TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.


Governor Brown is correct when he advises Democrats to act judiciously with their power of the purse. If they drive the fragile state economy into a ditch it will be all on them and not the Republicans. I remember Governor Brown being a fiscal conservative in the 1970’s when I was a young staffer for a state senator. The liberal senators, including my boss clashed with Brown frequently, but in looking back now he was rihht then and he is right now.


I don’t know, the chow chow train does not sound like someone “being a fiscal conservative”???


Republicans ALWAYS drive the economy into a ditch ! It’s what they DO !. Their puppet masters ALWAYS profit from bad times.

DON’T YOU KNOW THAT ? Or do you just refuse to read history books, or any books ?

Agreed, Democrats are stupid fools; but Republicans are plainly, purely EVIL.

They will cut off .any part of your body just to humliliate you, unless they think they could profit by selling it.

This is TRUTH !


How’s that hate thing working for ya? Winning hearts and minds?


So he gets what amounts to a paid vacation…time to burn the phone lines in Sac town. Don’t complain unless you have contacted the DNC and your state senator to raise hell. I would suggest you call Lois but as we all have learned, that would be a waste of time.


It is not just him. Think of his staff! They go to work but what are they doing. That makes two – 2 – politicians on paid leave Wright and Calderon for over $400,000 and then all their staff! Nice, remember this next time you vote to give more of your hard earned tax dollars to this clowns. One has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing (Wright has also proposed a change in the law that if you DON”T go to prison on your felony, it should be reduced to a misdemeanor, only in California!) and Calderon is arrested and charged on 17 federal felony charges by the FBI. There are more coming and this is why they are protecting each other up in Sacramento.


Bunch of thieves, raised property taxes with that fire tax bs. They are all like Calderon. Belong in jail.


It would be wonderful if one of our representatives brought forth a bill that would eliminate the pension of any government employee or elected official convicted of corruption. I feel that would correct some of their behavior.


Think about it, the same people that would have to bring this forth are the ones that would have their golden parachutes, or those of their family, friends, or political money people cut so they will never do it. This will only happen at the voter level.


…and probably be over-turned at the judicial level… :(


Right, because the will of the people is less important than a judges personal agenda.


Reccomend that you contact Katcho and get the ball rolling.


Katcho has become one of the problems in Sacramento. He is now drinking the Kool Aid and not going to do anything to upset the powers unless the party tells him to. The recent action with the Paso Robles water issues illustrate how he is being played. He will be looking for those big donations from the wineries, lawyers, etc. He is no longer working local… Just check his donor list next time he comes up for reelection and you will know who owns him!


Paid leave…..


Thats it??? No public crusifixation of this elected offical. Good thing he was a Democrat.


Any negative comment left, and the person commenting would be called a racist.


They really only crucify republicans – and even that is getting rarer as the parties blur into one septic mess.