Hill goes to battle with CAPSLO

March 22, 2014
Adam Hill

Adam Hill


Editor’s note: Read a letter from Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo to the board of supervisors that includes a statement by Supervisor Adam Hill at the bottom of this article.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill publicly chastised and threatened his fiancée’s employer this week, prompting the organization to notify the board of supervisors that Hill is running a misinformation campaign geared toward influencing public officials.

Last week, Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo CEO Biz Steinberg demoted Hill’s fiancée Dee Torres from her position as director of homeless services to a newly created role of homeless services manager. The demotion came with a more than 20 percent reduction in pay and followed multiple allegations of mismanagement of a program that is currently operating under a deficit.

Dee Torres

Dee Torres

On March 18, Hill sent his legislative assistant Hannah Miller to a homeless advisory committee meeting held at the CAPSLO offices. Miller read a statement chastising CAPSLO for demoting and humiliating Torres shortly after she voiced concerns about the safety of volunteers and homeless services employees.

In addition, Hill’s statement called CAPSLO’s leadership trio of Steinberg, Jim Famalette and Grace McIntosh “obnoxious and counterproductive.” He accused Steinberg of spending thousands of dollars on travel while neglecting the underprivileged whom the nonprofit is supposed to support.

At the end of the statement, Hill warned that the controversy created by the “egos” of Steinberg, Famalette and McIntosh would continue to be an issue with elected officials, the media and donors.

Twenty-two people attended the homeless advisory committee meeting Tuesday.

On Friday, CAPSLO fired back in a letter to San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bruce Gibson, a close political ally of Hill’s. The letter authored by CAPSLO Board President Frances Coughlin noted the nonprofit’s “serious concerns and disappointment” with the actions taken by Hill.

In the letter to Gibson, Coughlin commended Steinberg as an inspiration in the battle to end poverty. She chastised Hill for his actions regarding Torres’ demotion.

“The tone and tenor of this letter, the insulting commentary on our CEO Ms. Steinberg and her management team, and the implied threatening nature are unacceptable and we take exception to his statements,” Coughlin’s wrote. “We also call on Mr. Hill to discontinue his campaign of misinformation to influence other elected officials in an effort to discredit CAPSLO’s reorganization of its homeless division.

“We believe his recent comments, emails, and texts reflect a personal conflict of interest inappropriate for an elected official of our county.”

Letter to Bruce Gibson by CalCoastNews


It appears that Mr. Hill wrote this inflammatory letter as a Board of Supervisor member

since it was delivered by his Legislative Aide.

Are other Board members, like Chairperson Gibson going to attempt to distance

themselves from him now?

It seems that Hill is attempting to represent his “fellow elected officials, the media and

donors” in his veiled threat of reduced funding through his comments.

In my limited understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a sitting Board member

that would seem to be a breach of his oath of office. He is effectively delivering a

message as though it had been deliberated in front of other elected officials, with public

comment and a democratic vote taken.

I am not one to advocate recall elections, however I would not fault the voters of his

District if they become determined to do so.

There seems to be no cure for Supervisor Hill’s foot in mouth disease.


So, for more than a year, Adam Hill and CAPSLO attempt to intimidate and disgrace CalCoastNews reporters. Both officials from CAPSLO and Hill contact advertisers and their cohorts publish Topix and Facebook posts accusing the reporters of murder, bribery and blackmail.

People like Oceano Board President Matt Guerrero pass along Hill’s story that CCN pays sources to lie. He is angry that CCN publishes the multiple flaws of a district board unable to hire a competent manager. He sides with a group that attacks a mother after losing her child by claiming she is accused of her child’s murder.

Former Tribune reporter Dave Wilcox, now a PR flak, who is angry over stories about his former wife Gail Wilcox’s sex scandal, hangs out on a site by the Los Osos boy blogger claiming CCN reporters just publish tips without investigating, though he has never asked. What a hypocrite.

If too many rats are in a confined space they begin to attack one another. Let the blood bath begin. It is nice to see Hill and CAPSLO using their creepy tactics on one another.


For Adam Hill


“And in your dreams

You can see yourself

As a prophet

Saving the world

The words from you lips

(I am not a crook)

I just can’t believe you are such

A fool”



Hummm, Dan Carpenter has recently adjusted his posture towards CAPSLO and at the moment, I find his aganda highly questionable. To the extent that he gave a clear impression that he was supportive of Torres/CAPSLO just a few months ago, I have to wonder if he, Adam and Dee have formulated new designs together.

Is it possible that Carpenter would like CAPSLO to drop their Homeless Services so that Dee can be installed as the Director under a “propped up” newly formed or restructured non-profit with a homeless services framework ? This strategy might be a slam dunk with the assistance of the BOS, no? I think it’s highly possible that Carpenter is a crony.

Just saying……….


Here is an excerpt from a post by KatieEvans attached to the tread from last weeks article regarding the demotion of Dee Torres:”

“an unholy alliance was struck between Dee and Biz back when Dee was promoted to Director of HS despite lacking the credentials to hold the position with competence. Dee outright told Biz that she had enough backing from the BOS to have the entire program pulled from Biz unless she (Dee) was promoted to the Director position. During that time, Hill, Gibson and Patterson (buddies through and through) held the majority vote on the BOS and Dee was in bed with Hill literally.”

“Stienberg gave Torres what she wanted and enough rope to hang herself. Stienberg is now in a position to demote Torres knowing that the BOS would make fools of themselves to attempt an intervention. The entire county would know that it was about Hill’s bed mate, which is a fact that would not have been obvious or even necessarily believed back when Dee made her initial move.”

WOW, I would say that after Adams rant, the above is probably true and I’d say your suspicions might be right on target. Funny thing, Hill is nuts enough to actually go for it, question is, are Bruce and Caren Ray arrogant enough to follow Hill into a political suicide? Gibson has already embarrassed and tarnished himself beyond repair anyway.


and hill hasn’t?


We all know Mr. Gibson will follow Mr. Hill on any vote and since Ms. Ray’s voting record is around 89 – 3, with her also following Mr. Hill’s vote it would seem so


Check Ray’s voting record with Arnold’s or Meacham’s, probably pretty close, usually approving minutes, contracts, or other routine County business.


The post by KatieEvans was speculation not verified fact. It may have some truth to it but I doubt that you and I know enough to accept it as “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Ted Slanders

Stupid and ignorant people like Adam Hill and Dee Torees don’t have any way to realize that they’re stupid and ignorant, because of the simple fact, that they’re stupid and ignorant! Get it? But they don’t!


It’s really a mixture of elitist cognitive dissonance and the telephone game, performed in a echo chamber of the like minded with stupid for sauce.


I hate it when I agree with you!


I don’t think Hill is stupid although he sure seems that way when he speaks. I suspect that his intelligence is limited by his arrogance and ego — he can’t believe anyone intelligent could disagree with him on anything. He also has a sense of entitlement (unfortunately too common among academics) which he thinks immunizes him from a need to engage in civil discourse with those “below” him.

Mr. Holly

Mr. Hill must have been looking in a mirror admiring himself when he wrote his letter. Mr. Hill mentioned “obnoxious and counterproductive”. Now coming from Mr. Hill, who would be considered an expert in this field, one has to wonder what is really going on.The mouse has roared again.


And so it begins….. Also, has Biz Steinberg ever commented publically about this. It seems that everything I read has Jim Famalette as the mouthpiece. And even this letter is from the Chairperson of the Board. It is strategic that the CEO has made no public comments (even back when allegations about Torres and Homeless Services first surfaced) or weakness or is Famalette really running the show or…????


Didn’t Biz mention how, after a thorough in-house CAPSLO review, that all the allegations against Torres were unfounded? Something along those lines, I seem to recall, coming from her.


Full moon last week, huh Adam?

And sending sweet Hanna to read your drivel was chickensh*t!


Sweet Hanna? How about poor bullied Hanna! Hills little messenger girl. Poor thing , would

Bet money Hill barked orders at her to read it or else!!!!! Or she’s a boss a**kisser……..


Sometimes when you have a job, you have to do unpleasant things. I would rather be a plumber then have Hanna’s job.


Lets hope she is not taking a play from the assistant handbook written by Mr. Gibson


“In addition, Hill’s statement called CAPSLO’s leadership trio of Steinberg, Jim Famalette and Grace McIntosh “obnoxious and counterproductive.”

Adam! You must have been looking directly in the mirror. YOU are the poster child for obnoxious and counterproductive!

Looks those terms up in the dictionary, and you’ll see your picture.

I guess you should have handed out YOUR medallions to all the homeless. Maybe then, they would have recognized your genuine concern for their plight.

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