Hill goes to battle with CAPSLO

March 22, 2014
Adam Hill

Adam Hill


Editor’s note: Read a letter from Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo to the board of supervisors that includes a statement by Supervisor Adam Hill at the bottom of this article.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill publicly chastised and threatened his fiancée’s employer this week, prompting the organization to notify the board of supervisors that Hill is running a misinformation campaign geared toward influencing public officials.

Last week, Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo CEO Biz Steinberg demoted Hill’s fiancée Dee Torres from her position as director of homeless services to a newly created role of homeless services manager. The demotion came with a more than 20 percent reduction in pay and followed multiple allegations of mismanagement of a program that is currently operating under a deficit.

Dee Torres

Dee Torres

On March 18, Hill sent his legislative assistant Hannah Miller to a homeless advisory committee meeting held at the CAPSLO offices. Miller read a statement chastising CAPSLO for demoting and humiliating Torres shortly after she voiced concerns about the safety of volunteers and homeless services employees.

In addition, Hill’s statement called CAPSLO’s leadership trio of Steinberg, Jim Famalette and Grace McIntosh “obnoxious and counterproductive.” He accused Steinberg of spending thousands of dollars on travel while neglecting the underprivileged whom the nonprofit is supposed to support.

At the end of the statement, Hill warned that the controversy created by the “egos” of Steinberg, Famalette and McIntosh would continue to be an issue with elected officials, the media and donors.

Twenty-two people attended the homeless advisory committee meeting Tuesday.

On Friday, CAPSLO fired back in a letter to San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bruce Gibson, a close political ally of Hill’s. The letter authored by CAPSLO Board President Frances Coughlin noted the nonprofit’s “serious concerns and disappointment” with the actions taken by Hill.

In the letter to Gibson, Coughlin commended Steinberg as an inspiration in the battle to end poverty. She chastised Hill for his actions regarding Torres’ demotion.

“The tone and tenor of this letter, the insulting commentary on our CEO Ms. Steinberg and her management team, and the implied threatening nature are unacceptable and we take exception to his statements,” Coughlin’s wrote. “We also call on Mr. Hill to discontinue his campaign of misinformation to influence other elected officials in an effort to discredit CAPSLO’s reorganization of its homeless division.

“We believe his recent comments, emails, and texts reflect a personal conflict of interest inappropriate for an elected official of our county.”

Letter to Bruce Gibson by CalCoastNews


Adam and Dee went up the hill

To fetch some homeless funds

The Shill fell down, and broke her crown

And Bruce’s bud got none.


The Mouse that roared fires another broadside. But let’s review, shall we? How’s it going with Adam and Forbes magazine? That 10 day grace period has come and way gone. Did Hill file papers or did he take his beat down like the mouse he is and crawl back under his rock with Dee? This moron needs to employ a grace period between his anger and when he hits the keyboard. He might look a little less foolish.


Adam Hill is out of control, say it isn’t so? Adam Hill’s girlfriend was caught with her fingers in the till, say it isn’t so? Adam Hill abuses his position of powerand trust, say it isn’t so? Simply, the conduct of Adam Hill is that of a thug!


Hill needs to be subject to a professional mental evaluation. It is quite obviously he is very angry, very vindictive and suffers from a deep desire to control and get even with those who are in disagreement with his thought process. He is a sick individual in need of professional counciling/direction. Clinically speaking Hill suffers from the following mental disorder. Although brief, you get the point.

The term “Napoleon complex” has been used in scientific research on the phenomenon of smaller organisms acting aggressively towards larger organisms.[9][10] In contrast to the many examples of larger organisms acting aggressively towards smaller organisms.


As I have stated before, Adam Hill is a reflection of the voters in his district. The stupidity required to elect and then re-elect this loser is almost unfathomable. Why is he wasting our tax dollars sending over his assistant to complain about a personal issue hence his loser girlfriend? His constituents need to recall his lame ass and move on. If not, they can eat slop at the pig trough along with Dee and himself.


Oh people, please, get it together and lose this clown.


All this s**t is the best thing to happen in a long time. Let’s have a look, and aside from debates about what services are required and desired, look into how they are provided. If you got a streets employee hanging out at the coffee shop or surfing on his phone sitting in his truck, people are going to take notice. The quasi-governmental nature of CAPSLO removes ALL oversight.


Adam Hill again? Haven’t we had enough of him?


Apparently not, given his re-election.

Ben Daho

Kevin Rice

About the two “[unintelligible]” words in the transcription… Just kind redactions of vulgarities CAPSLO deemed not worth repeating? Or, perhaps, Adam Hill again using tortured literary references trying to prove he’s the smartest one in the room?

TOP TEN ADAM HILL possibilities to replace “[unintelligible]”:

– “bespoke body armor”

– “Ann Randian”

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