Paso Robles man accused of murder

March 17, 2014
Arnulfo Pineda

Arnulfo Pineda

A Paso Robles gang member accused of murdering a man in Greenfield remained in a Monterey County jail while law enforcement officers searched his Heritage Ranch home on Thursday.

On Feb. 23, an officer responding to reports of a disturbance saw Arnulfo Pineda, 35, running with a handgun. The officer pursued Pineda who dropped the handgun and surrendered.

Nearby, officers discovered a 35-year-old man with multiple bullet wounds. He died at the scene.

Officers arrested Pineda on suspicion of murder, firearms charges and gang enhancements.


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He looks like he is no stranger to prison. Give him the maximum.

Gangs got money, they are going to move into our broke ass town and take them over…we are on the edge of that now, my kids were aware of heroin here in Paso Robles years ago. Meanwhile the town is busy running off the car show and trying to stop other fun events from even happening… go figure

The real concern our government should focus on, are e-cigarettes and single use plastic bags. That’s the s_it that will wreck our society.

Another black eye for Heritage Ranch. First, the starving sheep that the Heritage Ranch management ignored; now a King City gang member living there.

Since Heritage Ranch is a gated community, residents need to hold the management responsible. Do you have a nest of King City gang members living in your community? You need to get rid of them for your own safety.

Who are you locking out with your gates? The law abiding citizens? Shouldn’t it be the known criminals who are locked out? Just a thought.

Nice hyperbole. First off the jury is still out on the rancher and did he or didn’t he. Second the rancher is no threat to anyone and has not been in jail for any crime that would make him as such.

So that leaves this knucklehead. So how many people live out at Heritage Ranch area? Maybe a couple thousand? So this is one guy? Do the math. Yes it is bothersome but I can find the same statics in any city or berg if not more. I think you are painting Heritage in a bad light over a pimple.

He is “A Paso Robles gang member…” according to the article.