Paso Robles woman heading to trial for murder

March 18, 2014
Maria Granados

Maria Fajardo

A San Luis Obispo judge has ruled that enough evidence exists to bring a Paso Robles woman to trial for the murder of her ex-boyfriend. [Tribune]

Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo, 50, is accused of paying several people a total of $12,000 to kidnap and brutally injure her ex-boyfriend Victor Sanchez. In February 2013, a group of teenagers tasked with abducting Sanchez and shooting him in the kneecap ended up killing him.

One of the teenagers shot and killed Sanchez in front of his apartment.

On a previous occasion, after allegedly receiving pay from Fajardo, assailants beat Sanchez with a tire iron, leaving him hospitalized with broken bones and facial injuries.

Fajardo told detectives that she was in a relationship with Sanchez for 10 years. Sanchez was abusive and unfaithful, she said.

Preliminary hearings for Sanchez’s murder trial concluded Monday. In addition to facing a murder charge, Fajardo is also charged with kidnapping, conspiracy and robbery.

Fajardo’s attorney Ilan Funke Bilu said the entire story of the case has yet to be told, and the truth will come out at trial.


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Well Maria, how did that all work out for you?

Hatred is needless and self destructive, it’s “always” a highly debilitating emotion (a luxury never) for the one who embraces it. Funny thing is, I doubt that you’ve figured that out , even now., it’s still all his fault, isn’t it. So tell us Maria, was it worth it?

Sounds like you’re having on Maria a bit, was it worth it?

Yeah it was worth it. It’s mind boggling to see someone so hateful that they destroy themselves and others rather than move forward. Funny thing is, I read that Funke B is her attorney and there is only one witness who is pointing the finger at her and the witness is getting a plea deal for doing so. Who knows, maybe she is innocent? Either way, my statement stands where hate and revenge are concerned.