Push poll sullies supervisor race

March 27, 2014

push pollBy KAREN VELIE

A mysterious group has been placing highly misleading phone calls to south San Luis Obispo County voters, trying to dissuade them from voting for Mike Byrd or Lynn Compton in the June supervisorial election.

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisor races have a reputation for political dirty tricks, and this year’s battle for District 4 supervisor between Byrd, Compton and Caren Ray is no exception. One popular tactic to mislead voters is known as a “push poll,” where workers phone voters under the guise of conducting a poll, and ask questions designed to give voters misleading impressions of political opponents.

During the past several weeks, voters in south San Luis Obispo County say they have been asked to participate in a poll about the upcoming election. If the voter agrees, a series of misleading questions follow.

Arroyo Grande resident Lin Hill said she received a call a few weeks ago from a person who said they were taking a quick poll regarding several issues facing voters on the next ballot. The caller went on to ask if Hill had heard of Mike Byrd, Caren Ray or Lynn Compton, Hill said.

“The caller asked if I was aware and did I care that Mike Byrd and Lynn Compton are members of the Tea Party,” Hill said. The caller then asked how Hill felt about the Tea Party compared to the Democrat and Republican parties.

However, the Tea Party is a movement that backs some candidates, primarily Republicans, but it is not a political party and nether Compton nor Byrd are members of the Tea Party.

Hill and other community members who participated in the poll said the caller also asked how they felt about Byrd and Compton not having any political experience.

However, in the late 70s and early 80s, Byrd spent eight years as the administrative assistant to Kern County Supervisor Jene Tackett.

Next, callers were asked how they felt about Compton funding her campaign with $100,000 of her own money, sources said.

However, of the $136,576 in contributions Compton reported on her California Form 460, $36,274 was provided by herself and her husband Pete Compton, with the remaining $100,302 coming from over 250 unique donors.

At the end the poll, voters were asked if they were aware Ray was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, several poll recipients said.

Correction: Lynn Compton is not associated with the Tea Party.


Mr. Holly

Didn’t Adam Hill just apologize to all of us for his current actions. You certainly would think that he could restrain a little bit longer until letting loose with another outburst. I can’t directly say it’s Adam and friends but it’s certainly is following their tactics. This is only the beginning as we will be seeing more and more of this as all of the elections get closer. Whatever happened to self pride and dignity?


Adam’s apology is only egotism wrong side out.


Instead of giving the politician’s the keys to the county, it might be better to change the locks.


Anyone surprised which candidate this behavior is trying to support?

I didn’t think so.


Hmmmm…I received the same phone call and either Lynn Hill got a different message, or she couldn’t quite remember the figure that was quoted that Lynn Compton loaned herself, but I can. The amount that the pollster stated to me was actually $30,000, not $100,000.

Are some people just trying to besmirch Supervisor Ray’s name by exaggerating? Guess we will find anything is possible in this up coming race like bending the rules and putting signs on the sides of trucks and trailers before the legitimate time to start posting campaign contrivances.

Personally, I am sick and tired of dishonest people running our government from the top on down to the County level. I would like to see clean campaigning, but from what I have seen from the sneaky behavior of those posting signs prematurely because they found a loophole that needs plugging is demonstration enough for me that they are not worthy of office.

I’m a registered Republican, but am disgusted with the way the Repubs behaved in the last Presidential election towards Dr. Ron Paul. Talk about dishonesty! It was blatant. I certainly give no more credit to the Dems. Come on people! We are looking for HONESTY!

What I have experienced from Supervisor Ray is nothing but exemplary so far. Who knows who was in charge of that poll? But I do know who is in charge of the signs on those way too early, expensive signs on the sides of those vehicles all over town.


Did you get the call? I would call what you are repeating “hearsay” or “rumor.” The pollster never said 60% of her $$ to me…nor $100,000. But believe what floats your boat.


One thing we do know, no one would waste money on a push poll 2 months before the first vote is cast, so some of the pieces don’t fit.


I would certainly think this tactic would work better 2 months before the election instead of 2 months after the election….. by the way mail in ballots are not 2 months away.


This is the perfect time, people need time to gossip and spread the word.

Aww defending the candidate, pieces fit quite well.


I agree, isn’t that the point of this article.


Aww, journalistic impartiality, pieces fit quite well


Almost as well as comment impartiality……..


There is a different expectation and standard between the two


Well said Caren. But why are getting so much campaign money from the big contractors in town……It must be odd to be a Shill for both contractors and Hill/Gibson.


Did the pollster end the call by saying, “This is Ed Waage” ???


Now that’s funny


No, the pollster said “This is Pedro Garcia”

Ben Daho

but, compton says she’s an independent and he’s CLEARLY aligned with the Right. Dishonesty?


What? Compton says she’s an Independent? Then why did the Lincoln Club give her $5000?


“The race is non-partisan”? Nigga please! Insult my opinions, but not my intelligence.


So partisan with some racism.



I don’t think you use of the N word was necessary and it shows you lack of intelligence to have to use it


Perhaps the Hash House Harriers are secretly at work.


It certainly sounds like Adam Hill’s style of puke politics.


It would be great if he and CAPSLO’s “Snooki” would just pick up and go back to Jersey.


Not for jersey!


no one expects the HHH ! a vast inebriate fitness agenda so you best watch out!


Caren was a piece of work when she was an AG city council member and she fits in well with Gibson and Hill. I don’t care who is calling but when it appears they are lying that will affect my vote. I would not put it past Caren Ray or should I be calling her “slo copulator as she liked to be called when she was a hash harrier. A zebra cannot change it’s stripes but I sure as heck can change my vote and Caren Ray will not be getting it.


Dog – could you please give us some examples of how Caren was a “piece of work” on the AG City Council. Inquiring minds want to know:))

Enough of your cliches and name calling. A few facts to back up your slurs, please.

It really doesn’t sound like you were ever intending to vote for Ray.


Just ducky one of the things she did to me personally at a city council meeting was I got up and spoke during the public comment period. In AG you can not single out a particular council member you have to address the whole council as one which I did.

Caren did not like my comment and so after they closed the public comment and it was time to vote, Caren decided to bash me for my comment and ridicule me. Public comment is so we can state how we feel about something, right or wrong that is our opinion. But when Caren does not like it she will verbally bash you and I find that very unprofessional and wrong.

She was put on the council by Tony Ferrara, and so she knew she had the seat for 2 years unless something else came along. She knows how much it takes for the city to ask you to vacate your seat and so she could be confrontational or would sit up there on her high horse and not even pay attention to the public comments.

She would not meet with me when I wanted to discuss a issue with her and is basically pretty ego driven. She does fit in well with Gibson and Hill. And you are right I would not vote for someone who will not meet with the people she is suppose to represent.


Non of that happened unless you were verbally or physically offensive or threatening. What was the date or even the agenda item you were speaking on? There are video records that can be checked to verify part of your comments.

Caren Ray was appointed by the city council, not the Mayor. She stood for election as did the mayor in 2012. All elected members who were up for election in 2012 were unopposed and won there election by default. Proof of how satisfied the city of Arroyo Grande was with its leaders.


This kind of BS has Adam Hill’s fingerprints all over it. I don’t live in the 4th district and I wasn’t going to give any campaign contributions in this race until now. I’m sending Lynn Compton 100 bucks and I’m sending Caren Ray a bag of brickbats for her dishonesty.

We the people Republicans and Dems alike are tired of this political BS. Are you listening Caren Ray or is the only one you listen to that arrogant and vindictive Adam Hill?


I am going to follow your example, and make a contribution. Dishonesty never PAYS.


Made my contributions yesterday to both Lynn and Cliff. I am supporting change. We cannot continue to do this to this County. What has happened to people pride, morals and honesty. I am sick of all this BS. We need honest and moral people who will govern for and by the people they represent.

So far, Ms. Arnold is the only person on the BOS of supervisors who has put the people first, addressed issues with common sense and has been respectful for all persons and opinions. While I don’t always agree, in my opinion, she is respectful, studies the issues, asks the right questions and is not afraid to go against the tide. Stay strong Ms. Arnold and thank you for you endurance, I know it has not been easy dealing with the rascals.


THE PEOPLE FIRST??? Oh, give me a break… Go against the tide? The tide of the great, monied wine makers vs. the little water drinkers? Oh what a heroine she be! Standing up for the water rights of the little guy. Yeah…right! Give me a break!!! Just like her old boss! Money! Money! Money! The most important thing! Keep shovin’ it in your pockets! Oh! Gag! Studies the issues until the water runs out!

SLOBIRD you are such a PATRIOT!


Justducky: Make no mistake, all elections are about the money. It would be naïve to think that a politician does not have constituents and causes that they support. If they didn’t, I don’t think they would be running for office. The point I was making was the respect she has for the general public, the homework she does as demonstrated by the questions she asks and suggestions she makes, the moral compass she has in her life, and the clean campaign she run.

I get I am a different kind of democrat as I first look at the character of the person running for office, then the commitment to the community they represent and third, the causes they stand for (which is why I don’t always agree with her but certainly respect her).

Caren Ray is to connected to Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson and both these humans have no character or respect for the people of this County, not just the democrats, Agenda 21, or causes they want. They are liars, cheaters, and deceitful characters that I don’t want representing me. Surely this County must have better politicians to represent us.

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