Santa Maria teacher had sex with student in classroom

March 4, 2014
Brian Hook

Brian Hook

A Santa Maria teacher charged with having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student engaged in sex acts in his classroom, according to a search warrant filed in Santa Barbara Superior Court. [KSBY]

Brian Hook, 53, was a social science teacher and the varsity girls basketball coach at Pioneer Valley High School in Santa Maria. Officers arrested Hook on Feb. 20 on charges including sexual penetration and oral copulation of a person under the age of 18.

Hook had a sexual relationship with the student since Oct. 2013, and multiple sex acts took place in Hook’s classroom, the search warrant states.

The student told Santa Maria police, though, that she came onto Hook.

“He didn’t do anything. He never came onto me. I’m the one who came on to him,” the girl said in a Feb. `9 interview with police.

The girl said she kissed Hook after class in October, and the next day Hook said he liked it, but it could get him in trouble.

Hook’s wife, an administrative assistant at Pioneer Valley High School, at one point contacted the student with whom her husband was having an affair, the warrant indicates. The girl received a voice mail in November from a woman identified as Mrs. Hook who said to stop contacting her husband because it is inappropriate.

Hook and his wife have five children. Hook entered a not guilty plea Friday, and he remains in Santa Barbara County Jail on $100,000 bail.



I thought these things only happened at AGHS!! ;)

By the way, there are a lot of mandated reporters there who — if they knew — should lose their jobs.


Despite her consent, he is nothing more than a predator.


consent ??? she initiated ! he conceded ! we have the story right here! she admitted it , he conceded to her advance, no need to make stuff up to maintain a facade of innocence .

the language is a tool use it honestly, facts, do you have them?


I believe you are mistaken this is a predator from a predator culture at Bell High


This is absolutely horrific…this girl is two years younger than Monica Lewinsky was.


Monica was 22 (in Nov 95)

Lewinsky told the jury, “I hate Linda Tripp.


Ooooo 22…. you’re right…a 16 year old high school student and a 53 year old teacher has no relation to a 22 year old intern and a 56 year old president of the united states.

My mistake….Bad Rambunctious.


The maturity level between a 16 and 22 year old is huge. A lot changes in that time. Also one was legal one is not. Don’t get me wrong that I am defending Clinton but to compare that indecent to this is a bit on the preposterous side.


I know BTDT I’m just yanking on Clinton lovers chains…lol by the way Monica had just turned 20 when she started her internship at the White House. Legal? sure but still wrong.


It seems hard to believe that a 16 year old would be attracted to a 53 year old. He should have known better..


You might be right… but he should have known better. He already had five kids..


she knew what she was doing


She is a child under the age of 16 and by law doesn’t know what she is doing, which is why having sex with a minor is illegal.


did we read the same article? she confessed!

disregard her confession to police, satisfy the letter of the law?

Shall we punish him to teach her a lesson?

Assign her to live in his home and help his kids with school work while he sits in prison, make her witness the space he occupies in life, give her some idea of the roll he plays in his world how

important he is to so many people , not just his family, punishing him punishes his family .


A minor cannot consent to sex with an adult. It is rape by definition.


His choices are what ultimately will destroy his family.


I find it odd that KSBY has been so intensely investigative with this story. Going into such graphic detail with explicit language, to warn viewers and actually obtain copies of search warrants.

I hope this is a new trend, as KSBY has poorly lacked in the past to do anything other than report milk toast.


Poor girl. From the Police interview comments she doesn’t want to get him in trouble after all that. He’s the adult and ultimately responsible for his behavior if he is in fact guilty of this crime. Let’s hope there were not others.

It will be interesting to learn what his wife knew. Sounds like she could potentially be guilty of concealing a felony.


Those of you that gave the thumbs down to this comment…….let’s hear your comment

As to why? This comment is spot on!!!!!! Hooks a dam pervert!!!!!!


They also believe that the young boys molested by Michael Jackson and Jerry Sandusky seduced them. . People posting on this page don’t get how sick this man is if he did it.


Agree about the wife. Sounds like she knew something and definitely should have reported it to the school being they both worked there. If she knew of any kind of physical relationship then yes, she would be potentially guilty for concealing a felony. She could of nipped this whole thing in the bud if she had reported the student to the school for inappropriate behavior before it became physical. Guess we have to wait for more details to come out. What an idiot he was! Threw his whole life away for a fling with a student young enough to be his daughter. Gross gross gross.