El Ten Eleven brings a new sound to SLO Brew

April 17, 2014


There is no feeling compared to the one you get when you are at a concert and you can feel the instruments move from your feet, pounding all the way through to your chest. That’s what it was like seeing El Ten Eleven at SLO Brew on March 15.

The band is comprised of two guys, Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty. They are an all-instrumental band. The only way to differentiate between their songs is by watching for the lights to go off, which gives them time to adjust.

The show was not sold out, but that left plenty of room to dance along to the easy-listening instrumental sounds.

Dunn and Fogarty have a great dynamic between them. They are not shy about looking at each other, stopping in the middle of a song and starting over because they did not like the way it was sounding. That is refreshing to see since most of the pop artists these days are lip-synching.

With two songs left to their set, Dunn said this is the time where most bands would leave and make everyone clap for them until they come back for an encore. But, they think that is fake and takes time away from playing. Instead, the duo played two more songs and ended with one of their biggest hits, “My Only Swerving,” which had everyone swaying back and forth in a worry-free place.

El Ten Eleven is great live. Although not all of the songs sound the same as they do recorded, you are able to see the authenticity of their music and how important that is to them.