Gibson, Neal cover for Hill on CAPSLO dustup

April 5, 2014

adam hill newFollowing a feud between County Supervisor Adam Hill and the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County (CAPSLO), board of supervisor chairman Bruce Gibson and county counsel Rita Neal came to Hill’s defense claiming the controversial supervisor had always recused himself from issues regarding homeless services.

However, multiple videos of board meetings show Hill participating in discussions about funding homeless services, even though, at the time, his girlfriend was the director of the county’s homeless services program. Public officials are suppose to recuse themselves, meaning they do not participate in discussion or votes regarding an issue, when they have a conflict of interest.

At Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting, several speakers reprimanded Hill for personal attacks he launched on CAPSLO executives after they demoted his fiance Dee Torres in March from her position as homeless services director. After public comment, Gibson said that although he did not agree with Hill’s remarks, Hill had always recused himself from board matters pertaining to CAPSLO and homeless services. Neal, too, said that Hill had always recused himself.

A review of board meetings, however, shows that Hill has often participated in hearings on funding for homeless services, much of which goes to CAPSLO.

In December 2012, Hill participated in a preliminary hearing on the distribution of U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant funds in which several CAPSLO employees made requests for funding. Hill argued that distributing grants to a smaller number of nonprofits would benefit the county.

When the board awarded the grant money a few months later, Hill again participated in the discussion, arguing the county should divert funds away from an Oceano drainage project and spend them instead on homeless services. When asked for his vote on the matter, he said he was abstaining.

Last December, Hill stayed behind the dais but did not comment during a hearing on HUD grant funds. However, in Dec. 2011, he chaired the hearing on distribution of HUD money.

Earlier that year, Hill chaired another hearing on funding allocations for nonprofits. During the June 2011 meeting, Hill accused North County Connection, a nonprofit competing with CAPSLO for money, of racism, anti-semitism and homophobia while the board considered a funding reduction for the organization.

Since then, Hill has at times recused himself and left the dias and at other times voiced his support for funding programs dealing with CAPSLO and homelessness.

On Tuesday, Gibson and Neal also said that Hill would, in the future, recuse himself from all matters pertaining to CAPSLO.

Last September, Hill cast a vote to award CAPSLO a $361,347 mental health services contract, a contract CAPSLO would not have received without Hill’s vote. Two months prior, he voted in favor of awarding the nonprofit a $1.5 million childcare contract.

Hill did not comment Tuesday about his past approach to board hearings dealing with CAPSLO funding or to the criticism of his reaction to Torres’s demotion.


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He will recuse himself in the future, why would one think that? Best way to predict ones actions is by their past actions, he past actions speak pretty loud and clearly. Dee has not been to work for a week or so, I think we may see a lawsuit coming from her in the near future.

Gibson has no room to comment on Hill, they are two peas of the same pod.

While he might “recuse himself” from official voting and meetings that publish minutes, expect him to be going full speed behind the scenes.

And then what about the other boards he sits on?

QUOTING DOGEATDOG: “Best way to predict ones actions is by their past actions, he past actions speak pretty loud and clearly.”

Or, as my mother used to say, “A skunk doesn’t change its stripes overnight.”

Well, if anyone had any doubt of where Our Honorable Mr. Gibson and his Ms. Cherie (his bedfellow, paid for with tax dollars) stands, let their be no doubt. And then, we should dispose of whoever Ms. Neal is who is either totally incompetent or prejudice, in either case should not retain this position.

2011? huh, you all seem to know everything….so was their a ‘conflict of interest’ that long ago?

I am having a hard time typing and laughing at the same time. Making an argument to excuse because three years was eons ago?

Perhaps he can pull a Jan and he/she can call just a few years ago “the bad old days”

Like history does not count or something.

Someone could work it into a campaign slogan…..

Exactly. We don’t always see eye to eye but yes people like Jan etc. acting like recent past doesn’t matter. I would pose this question to. If a guy was convicted of a horrific killing just three years ago, would we say, “oh no big deal that’s in the past.”?

Depending on situation I don’t think someone should be held to their past forever BUT I usually don’t think people change that quick in three years. We put a mark for speeding on your record for that long. We put D.U.I. for seven. Bankruptcy seven to ten and yet 2011 for a politician? No you can’t hold him to that. Geez.

Or maybe use the time-honored excuse: “He’s just a puppy.”

Oh, wait. That phrase is used for a dog who repeatedly defecates on the carpet…

I’m reminded of that very dark period in our history….1972. Today it’s CAPSLO-GATE.

Same sort of seedy cast of characters, including “deep throat”

When all is said and done, will Bruce “pardon” Adam?

Adam, start practicing this speech…..‎

That speech needs a soundtrack.

Adam Hill needs to recuse himself from county government.

Rita Neal is a joke a should be fired.

They have to go……… final answer!!

All of them, Gibson, Hill and Ray. You are defined by your bedfellows!

Hill and Gibson and the epitome of cronyism. corruption and political thuggery. The county citizens are the losers.

Power, money and the loss of integrity equal corruption..

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