Gibson, Neal cover for Hill on CAPSLO dustup

April 5, 2014

adam hill newFollowing a feud between County Supervisor Adam Hill and the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County (CAPSLO), board of supervisor chairman Bruce Gibson and county counsel Rita Neal came to Hill’s defense claiming the controversial supervisor had always recused himself from issues regarding homeless services.

However, multiple videos of board meetings show Hill participating in discussions about funding homeless services, even though, at the time, his girlfriend was the director of the county’s homeless services program. Public officials are suppose to recuse themselves, meaning they do not participate in discussion or votes regarding an issue, when they have a conflict of interest.

At Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting, several speakers reprimanded Hill for personal attacks he launched on CAPSLO executives after they demoted his fiance Dee Torres in March from her position as homeless services director. After public comment, Gibson said that although he did not agree with Hill’s remarks, Hill had always recused himself from board matters pertaining to CAPSLO and homeless services. Neal, too, said that Hill had always recused himself.

A review of board meetings, however, shows that Hill has often participated in hearings on funding for homeless services, much of which goes to CAPSLO.

In December 2012, Hill participated in a preliminary hearing on the distribution of U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant funds in which several CAPSLO employees made requests for funding. Hill argued that distributing grants to a smaller number of nonprofits would benefit the county.

When the board awarded the grant money a few months later, Hill again participated in the discussion, arguing the county should divert funds away from an Oceano drainage project and spend them instead on homeless services. When asked for his vote on the matter, he said he was abstaining.

Last December, Hill stayed behind the dais but did not comment during a hearing on HUD grant funds. However, in Dec. 2011, he chaired the hearing on distribution of HUD money.

Earlier that year, Hill chaired another hearing on funding allocations for nonprofits. During the June 2011 meeting, Hill accused North County Connection, a nonprofit competing with CAPSLO for money, of racism, anti-semitism and homophobia while the board considered a funding reduction for the organization.

Since then, Hill has at times recused himself and left the dias and at other times voiced his support for funding programs dealing with CAPSLO and homelessness.

On Tuesday, Gibson and Neal also said that Hill would, in the future, recuse himself from all matters pertaining to CAPSLO.

Last September, Hill cast a vote to award CAPSLO a $361,347 mental health services contract, a contract CAPSLO would not have received without Hill’s vote. Two months prior, he voted in favor of awarding the nonprofit a $1.5 million childcare contract.

Hill did not comment Tuesday about his past approach to board hearings dealing with CAPSLO funding or to the criticism of his reaction to Torres’s demotion.


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Adam was recently heard saying to Bruce…” Well , here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into !”

They are indeed today’s Laural and Hardy.

Well sadly, there were 3 stooges.

We have a Band of Thieves representing themselves as the County Board of Supervisors. Sad state of affairs.

That Rita Neal…….she’s a puppet…. she sits up there and acts like the big lawyer ” I’m an

Important piece of business” she just kisses that panels a**!!!!! Especially Gibson and Hills!

Hill says the crap he does because HE CAN!!!! Cause he knows certain idiots will back his

Stupid a** up!!!! DISGUSTING!

She is insecure in her new position, and doesn’t want to risk losing it. Hence, the monumental a$$-kissing she does to those she needs to keep her position.

She is trying to build her crony base. She is so clumsy and obvious about it, however, I think it will be difficult for her to do, outside of the way Dee Torres builds her BOS crony base.

Oh my god, did Hill lie. Oh my god did Gibson lie. Oh my god, did Gibson cheat on and lie to his soon to be ex-wife. Oh my god, did a lawyer lie for their client. Thirty years ago a lowlife politician would have been removed from office for this kind of conduct, now we just accept it as business as usual – maybe an audit of the county books is in order?

When it comes to Mr. Gibson, as they say once a liar always a liar, or we have heard once a cheater always a cheater.

Well, a cheater is also a liar. The two entities are mutually inclusive (if one term is correct, the other term is, by necessity, also correct).

Similar perhaps to Scott Barnes and a “email allegedly forwarded”

Rep. Sam Farr, considered to be one of the most progressive liberals in Congress, has been labeled a racist by a San Luis Obispo man who became infamous for spreading information found to be untrue. Scott Barnes, has been called a publicity hound by some and a con man by others. His creditability has been questioned and well-chronicled by journalists and government officials since the 1980s.

It bears repeating that Hill and Gibson have sat through state required and codified ETHICS training known as AB1234 training, which is two hours of multi-media “don’t vote money for those you sleep with, etc. etc.) . Hill KNEW he couldn’t vote, discuss, NOR SIT IN THE ROOM during matters which involve items he’s conflicted on. Sitting on the dais silently constitutes a violation of ethics. Geez, I have a syllabus from one of mine and would post the whole thing but the moderator would bust me for too long a post. County counsel should have jumped up or else spoken in private to the loon(s).

I’m starting to wonder why county counsel doesn’t stand up and object when it’s common public knowledge of who is involved with who. County counsel was derelict in duty when accepting the easily dismissed “hold harmless” agreement of Gibson and Aspero; any first year law student knows that agreements “in contravention of public policy” are tossed (disregarded, cancelled, quashed) if a signatory brings litigation to enforce rights (which would be Aspero suing for having her paid superior initiate adulterous sexual behavior).

I realize I’m not giving anything new at all to the discussion, just repeating what others have said. It just bears repeating. It’s a TRAVESTY that Hill votes on matters relating to Torres; he is guilty of in-office turpitude.

It’s up to the voters. Where do we drop off money for decent candidates? I’m sick of re-posting about these creeps, and I salute CCN (to whom I have mailed money) for nicely documenting their story this time.

Your second paragraph is absolutely correct. It is an abrogation of the County

Counsel’s duties to allow a sitting Supervisor to oversee an employee that he/she is in a

romantic relationship with.

The Policy is clear. No “agreement” can protect the tax-payers from a legal action in

which the employee feels obligated to perform certain acts in order to retain his/her


This is absolute foolishness on the part of the County and it’s legal team and puts us

all at risk. The hubris exhibited by this Supervisor is without equal.

Well, maybe not. Mr. Hill has shown he can also righteously claim that title.

What is worse than the travesty of Hill voting on funding issues that directly impact his fiance is the fact that supervisor gibson and county counsel Neal lied in stating Hill had always recused himself from voting on issues impacting the fiance, Dee Torres.

They lied even though there are printed and video records documenting Hill’s aggressive abuse of his power as county supervisor in getting funding for CAPSLO, of which Torres WAS (heh, heh, heh) director of homeless services but was recently demonted to being manager.

The only way they can get away with it is because the Tribune is the major print news publication for our county; therefore, the majority of county residents who think they are informed (because they read the newspaper), are actually misinformed.

I don’t know how to get around this block to getting rid of self-serving public officials like Gibson and Hill. I love solving problems, but this one has me stumped.

We need the Toxic Avenger, New Jersey’s Super Hero. The good citizens love him, the fat and corrupt hate him.

Gibson and Hill are working together. The more damage Hill does while Gibson is up for re-election, the less people will pay attention to Gibson’s total lack of character and misdeeds. This is a classic diversionary tactic. Everyone needs to vote for Muril Clift for District 2 Supervisor.

That Neal took her protective stance of Hill in such a public way, when thanks to CCN, her comments are not supported by the evidence, we are left to strongly believe, that the current DA approved of her comments.

What does he have to lose? And which one of the two DA candidates do we expect will be different, and which one do we expect will be the same?

How embarrassing for Hill, and Neal, and Gibson.