Isla Vista block party turns into riot

April 7, 2014

DeltopiaAn annual Isla Vista street party turned violent Saturday night, resulting in injuries to several officers and more than 100 arrests. [KSBY]

More than 15,000 people attended Deltopia Saturday, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office. The annual event is a street party located on Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista. It morphed into its current form from an annual beach party that the sheriff’s office shut down five years ago.

Around 9:30 p.m., a reveler hit a UCSB police officer in the head with a backpack full of alcohol bottles. Members of the crowd then started throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at other officers in the area. Partiers also ripped stop signs out of the ground and set small fires.

Law enforcement agencies from across Santa Barbara and Ventura counties then responded with backup for the sheriff’s deputies. Officers used tear gas and other riot control measures to disperse the crowds.

Approximately 26 people ended up in the hospital as a result of the riot, and 18 were arrested. In total, law enforcement made more than 100 arrests during the daylong party, and 44 people went to the hospital.



All in all, a successful riot. Have to do it again next year! One of the cops would have shot the punk assaulting the officer. During the Mardi Gras riots when a freight train was blocked along California by mobs on the tracks fighting police the crew engine was guarded by two UP Railroad police officers with shotguns leveled at the crowd. One had a bullhorn and kept repeating “Do not approach the engine, you will be shot”. Nobody approached the engine.


If one of the cops…


Meet our future leaders!


I was busy at Love Ins when I was that age. It was much more productive. And, pot and LSD made us so amiable. We were pretty harmless.

Love and Peace….


Can you imagine the poor residents who live in the midst of this nonsense. When you have the police on speed dial, it’s time to move!


Police Respond to (2) Stabbings. Police Officers get assaulted when doing so. Law enforcement responds. Riot ensues.

Law Enforcement Sued – By responding.

Law Enforcement Sued – By not responding.

Law Enforcement Sued – By responding too little……too much

As a tax payer, I prefer to let Isla Vista burn down and pay for the litigation than to sit here and tell the children of the assaulted officers it was their parents fault.

Do wrong and then blame the response. What a joke we have become.


There was a time when students would protest the Vietnam war or to bring attention to civil rights issues with peaceful marches or sit-ins.

Now they fight for their right to party – and injure law enforcement in the process. The kid who bashed the cop with the backpack has probably already posted a “selfie” with the bleeding officer on facebook. No wonder most of them move back into their parents basements after graduation.


This issue has been going on since the 60’s. They have has the school riots, Halloween batches, summer solace, spring break bashes, etc. You would think they would have this figured out by now, being our brightest and smartest government employees. Maybe the officers like the action, overtime, worker’s comp time office, and the thrill. Just saying!


They passed 6-70.01, 6-72, and 6-107. What else can they do to deter these events? Perhaps stomp on their civil rights?

I don’t feel sorry for anyone who impairs himself and puts himself in a position to get abused by his peers or by the police. Their freedom of choice.


Some things never change, they stay the way they are. In the 60’s we rioted when the police closed the pier because of high surf. Stoopid thing to do and I’m sure it wasn’t fueled by drugs and alchohol. But at least they didn’t burn down the local BofA branch


What is it about things like this or after a sports team wins a championship, we have this type of behavior? You know, I had me some alcohol and now civility and or rules of behavior no longer apply and if you (mostly cops) get in my way of a good time, then you are the bad guy.

I have ZERO tolerance for this type of behavior and say arrest all responsible.


The behavior phenomenon is called herd mentality or mob mentality: People in a “mob” behaving in ways that are contrary to their values due to decentralized decision making.

It is fascinating stuff.



Who knew?