Mystery military device spurs evacuation of Solvang

April 17, 2014

bomb2Between 500 and 700 homes and business in Solvang faced evacuation orders Wednesday after an unknown military device appeared in the city’s business district. [KSBY]

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a possibly explosive device, described as a military ordnance, around 3:30 p.m. The device was discovered in the 1600 block of Copenhagen Drive in the Danish village.

The sheriff’s bomb squad and a Vandenberg Air Force Base explosives team responded, but they did not remove the device and clear the area until after midnight Thursday.

Authorities lifted evacuation orders early Thursday morning. Residents then returned to their homes.

Investigators are still trying to determine how the device appeared in the middle of Solvang.

“We definitely welcome any information from the public on how this military ordnance piece was there, and any information that they have about it,” said sheriff’s spokeswoman Kelly Hoover.


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Choice (1. SKY DADY

Choice (2. Danish E.T.

Choice (3. Al Qaeda

Choice (4. Inside job to justify expense of maintaining a bomb squad.