Paso Robles man arrested for selling narcotics

April 11, 2014
Jose Luis Echevarria

Jose Luis Echevarria

Paso Robles police arrested a man Wednesday evening after a search of his home netted methamphetamine and marijuana for sale.

Officers served a warrant in the 500 block of Oak Street in Paso Robles around 5:30 p.m. A search of the home produced 8.2 grams of methamphetamine, 235 grams of marijuana, scales, packaging and two rifles. Police also confiscated $1,700 from the residence.

The officers arrested Jose Luis Echevarria, 35, for possession of marijuana for sale, possession of a controlled substance for sale and for child endangerment. They booked Echevarria in San Luis Obispo County Jail.

The arrest marked the fourth drug bust by Paso Robles police in the last two weeks.


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Police departments profit from drug busts. What in the world could go wrong in that arrangement?

Jim App is being influenced by both political corruption and drug money.

NorthCountyGuy: You give Jim App waaaay too much credit.

He intimidates City employees, and has his cronies around town, but they don’t include dudes that are into drugs like this guy.

This guy is cartel or gang linked, and they will not be paying anybody off. They will just take over wherever they want, and Jim App and his business buddies, best wake up. Wine and crime don’t mix well.

I would give credit to the cops who made the bust.

Jim App is about money and power and maintaining the status quo of his iron-fisted dictatorship.

One of Jim Appj’s angry, criminal-class cronies ambushed me, assaulted me with a deadly weapon and threatened me with deadly force. Jim App’s malicious thug even denied me access to urgent care for my injuried back. The malicious assault with a deadly weapon incident was swept under the rug by Lisa Solomon.

Asking questions and getting between Jim App and a dollar is hazardous to health, life and liberty.

We shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Jim App and his gang of elitist super-citizens have secret business arrangements with the Paso Robles drug cartel.

Jim App is like a rattlesnake waiting for prey. The Rattlesnake will then strike without warning at their victims when no witnesses are around. Bullying, bushwhacking, violent assaults and back-stabbing is the forte of Jim App’s clique of elitist super-citizens.

Follow the money trail.

Its not about drugs, its about the suspect not greasing the palms of Jim App and his Ol’Boy Clique.

The unforgivable sin in Paso Robles is forgetting to pay bribes to Jim App and his Ol’Boy cronies.

Violent crime is ok when you pay your bribes.

No surprise considering that Paso is the main transfer point for drugs moving from Sude

to Norte California. And it has the “advantage” of a subculture ready, willing and able to

facilitate this entrepeneurial efforts.

And God bless them for keeping the spirit of freedom and free commerce alive in America. You may think that’s a ridiculous thing to say, but if they were white and the illegal drug were alcohol, most of you would be celebrating these guys.

You mean like Al Capone, Frank Nitty and the other lads in the ’20’s & 30′”s. Your’e

probably right.