Three teens arrested for carjacking

April 18, 2014

carjackThree teenage boys were arrested Wednesday on Highway 101 just north of Santa Margarita on suspicion of carjacking a woman in Visalia.

Two teens allegedly jacked the car and a purse from a woman in a Target store parking lot on Monday night. No one was injured.

California Highway Patrol officers searching for the silver Nissan sedan stopped several vehicles before discovering the stolen vehicle in San Luis Obispo County.

The officers transported the three teens – two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old – to the Tulare County Juvenile Hall.


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Sick!, woman shopping alone need to always be on the alert in the parking lot? Honestly, this needs to stop! Carjacking is planned, I hope they get the max. punishment. Horrible!

Their single parents must be so proud.

That’s right, give them a courtesy ride back to their home area. Stupid.

I say keep them here in our juvie; make the parents suffer with long commutes from Visalia or Central Valley, ditto for the kid’s creep lawyer. Make them drive, make it inconvenient, make it hurt.

Should be adult pain and time, for an adult crime. But no, we drive them back to a Juvie nearest the folks, near the lawyers, resources. They DROVE here, We nabbed ’em here; GREASE ’em here !

The crime was committed there and must be tried there. While I have nothing against making life a bit rougher for them, their parents and their lawyer (assuming they are guilty), it is not worth it to also make it rough for the police and prosecutors in Visalia.

Spring break shanighans.

Ah yes spring break shanighans, I remember them well. My buddies and I would be sitting around and someone would say, hey do you guys wanna go hang at the beach or the lake? Nah let’s go car jack someone instead.

Levity, tongue in cheek shenanigans. Sorry if I raised your BP