Could 2014 be the lowest primary turnout to date?

May 26, 2014

votePolitical strategist are projecting the voter turnout for the June 3 primary to be California’s lowest-ever in a primary for governor. [MercuryNews]

With only two top contenders vying to be on the November ticket with Gov. Jerry Brown and general voter apathy, fewer voters are expected to fill out their ballots in this year’s primary. In 1980, more than 50 percent of registered voters participated in the primary, by 2010, that number had fallen to 33 percent.

Corey Cook, the director of the University of San Francisco’s Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good, said those likely to vote will be “older, wealthier, whiter, more likely to be homeowners, more educated … and more ideological true believers, not at all reflecting the population of the state.”

New poll numbers from the Public Policy Institute of California show just how unenthusiastic Californians are about this election.

A May 8 through May 15 poll of 901 likely primary voters showed Californians are not engaged in the 2014 primary. Of those surveyed, only 46 percent said they were following news about the candidates for governor closely, a far lower number than the 67 percent in May 2010.


What if they threw an election and nobody came? Irons someone worthy to vote for and I’ll vote, until that day comes, what’s the point?


Rural Bell County, TX ten minutes from Killeen, Fort Hood, all the conveniences….

state income tax, zero, no matter what you make

building permits for residences on rural land, NONE

permit fees for above…..DITTO

number of building inspections required…….ZIP

smog costs on all engines……ZIP….no testing required

Texas required COST if you have a “check engine light” ZIP ZERO NADA.

annual vehicle inspection (mostly brakes lights and horn) $ 14.00

fine if you fail to re-inspect on time…..don’t know but heard it’s $ 5.00

permit costs on a septic system……NONE

speed limit on rural highways…mostly 65…and you can DRIVE THAT. roads smooth.

speed most Texans drive past school zones….19 MPH. seriously respectful smart folk

(go there and watch… think you’re watching a parade, the cars are so slow)

IQ of Texas governor Perry…appears Mensa or better ( + 135 +/- )

comparative IQ of Brown (Calif). too low to measure

Number of bizarre, unbuildable, rat hole Bullet Train Projects proposed:

California = One Texas = blissfully zero

Reactions of other motorists if you pull over suddenly to side of road:

Texas: 2-3 trucks will pull in behind you to assist

Calif: first one to stop robs you. Second jacks your car. CHP arrives 30 min late.

Conclusion: California – over the hill liberal welfare state

Texas – amazing remaining freedom with self-sufficient folks abounding


Forming a volunteer group to assist you in your packing up for the move. One way only.


Send em our way when your done so we can flee this shithole. BTW, make sure one of them can speak english will ya.


It’s headlines like these that convince people they shouldn’t waste their time voting because nothing is going to change.

All media needs to stop this stupid discouraging coverage. 901 people cannot possibly be an indicator of reality until people start believing it and give up.

It’s not news it is just propaganda don’t buy it, get out and vote.


The lower the turnout the better I say! In fact, I hope I’m the only voter this time!


Good luck Californians. I am in my late forties and lived here my entire life, but recently sold my home and moving me and my family out of here. So sad what has become of this beautiful state, but seeing my relatives struggle with way to much over regulation and tax problems with their businesses and watching the sick way this state pampers the illegal alien problem and many middle class or lower class American kids struggle to pay for college while illegals go for free is sad. California is going to become a wast land and in many places it already is. Sadly i feel it’s to late now and to far gone but I found a much better place to start a new life.


I’m with you SGT D, lived in California a long time, but it is definitely time to move to another state. The over regulation and over taxation has gotten out of control. Many of the taxes are even disguised as fees, fines and penalties for the unsuspecting. My wife and I as well as our four kids and their families are all leaving California for a better life. We are selling our businesses and real estate and relocating to a more friendly state. Also we want a free supply of water than will not be controlled by the government.


So, where are you going?


We are trying to follow the kids, one is going to Idaho, one to Oregon one to Nevada and the baby(23) is waiting to see where everyone else goes. I am in for any of the three states, but I really like Nevada with no state income tax.


Enjoy your move to the 19th century!


Best of luck to SGT D. Many including my wife and I will follow in your footsteps within a few years. Pitiful what once our once free California has become. Living here 50+ years, its still incredible in natural beauty in a few select places, but now absolute horse shit in regulations, fees and idiotic me,me,me special interest crap. I keep seeing these bumper stickers that say live green, vote blue. They must mean live without green (money), vote blue.


So…. you guys aren’t going to commit voter fraud by voting in a state you don’t live in, right? Good luck to you all in your search for that libertarian utopia. I’ve heard it is near Texas.

Mr. Holly

“older, wealthier, whiter, more likely to be homeowners, more educated…and more ideological true believers, not at all reflecting the population of the state”. Amazing statement since these are the people who are paying most of the taxes for the rest of the free loaders in the state and obviously not reflecting the population of the state.


Those are about the same demographics as the guys who signed the Constitution back in 1787.


Jun 4th Primary???? I am voting on June 3rd.


Oops. Revealed. Old Karl Rove style voter suppression trick.

fishing village

me too, lol


Already voted