Bruce Gibson’s record of failures

May 21, 2014
Tom Salmon

Tom Salmon


When San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s radio ad came across the airwaves it was all I could do not to lose my lunch. He breaks his arm patting himself on the back, taking credit for expanding libraries (that were paid for by donations from the community).

He speaks to weathering the economic storm, while Los Osos, a disadvantaged community, is heading into gale force financial winds and he’s gone over budget only one year and half into construction and managed to get sued for nearly 10 percent the price of the project. His personally appointed public works director has resigned to transfer to a mismanaged Oceano CSD.

Gibson suggests he is a champion to protect our pristine coasts, yet was standing alone at the Coastal Commission hearing in Santa Monica in November 2012 supporting seismic testing which would blow up that very pristine coastline he claims to protect.

My biggest beef with Gibson is his disregard for water. Approximately 250 million gallons of construction water was pumped from the ground in Los Osos and more than half of it was dumped into the bay. Rather than treat it and return it to the aquifer, he called it “trash water” and threw it away.

Bruce has shown his complete lack of moral qualifications, both in his destroyed personal life and in his professional life with his mistress.

We shouldn’t have to stoop to his disgusting moral character; he has to look in the mirror each day and one day will have to pay for his narcissistic machinations.

Now the tribune endorses Gibson, for his major accomplishments of new chip seal on Highway 1, and his misunderstanding of North. County water. These are significant reasons for 4 more years, really?

Tom Salmon, is a longtime Los Osos resident with 35 years of expertise in statewide public infrastructure.


He wins easily. The conservatives in the 2nd will squawk about Gibson’s personal life, but what they don’t like are his politics, in which he represents the district’s majority. And Los Osos hippies blaming the County for complying with State and Federal mandates 40 years old, is getting old. Unless someone is going to step up and offer the same political philosophy but say “vote for me, I’m a better person”, that’s what you got. You’re not going to elect a Frank Meacham in the 2nd no matter how nice a guy he is. Sounds like Mr. Salmon is LEFT of Gibson given his critiques. Why weren’t YOU on the ballot, assuming you have the “moral” qualifications?


If a man cannot be trusted in his own home with his own family, which is the ultimate test of character, how on earth can he be trusted to do the best thing for his constituents, most of whom he has never met and doesn’t give a rat’s behind about?


Ronald Reagan had a failed marriage, was divorced, and had a well known affair with Shirley Temple that was half his age.

I wonder if you trusted him enough to give him your vote ?


O.K. for Republicans, not for Democrats.


Kennedy had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, if fact she was with multiple brothers. I’m more concerned about current issues, we taxpayers are still paying the salaries of, what is it, 3 Democrats convicted or charged with criminal acts and though they are not having to go to work everyday they are still receiving a paycheck.

You may want to say well they are charged but not convicted, wrong, 1 Democrat has been convicted but not sentenced and still receives a taxpayer funded salary, and the rest of his fellow Democrats will not vote to stop this practice.


Which clearly equals …….he is NUTZ


Curious to see how many people that once voted for Gibson have changed their minds?


Arrogance plus ignorance is a bad combination.


justchuck…welcome to the County BOS. That should be their motto.


On Bruce Gibson’s website, there’s actually a photo of…get this…Teddy Roosevelt!

Hmmm….last time I checked, Roosevelt was a happily married, faithful husband…winner of the Nobel Peace Prize…honored on Mt. Rushmore…a extremely well-respected leader.

No, Bruce, you’re NOT a family man and effective leader like President Roosevelt was.

And under the “vision” tab, Bruce says “…I love my community and the people who live here…” Bruce has shown love, alright…for himself…and his icky mistress Cherie.

“Both Cherie and I gave 110 percent to this job,” he said. “It’s something we feel is important.” [Nov. 2012]

NEITHER Bruce or Cherie deserve their salaries paid for by my tax dollars. Bruce Gibson’s behavior has shamed his public office. He does not deserve another term as supervisor.


Let us hope the voters in his district agree, unemployment couldn’t come to a person more deserving.


I was going to reply to Kevin’s comment, but it’s gone. Just wanted him to know that i have very conservative views.Would love to just see the waste of funds that goes on in this Country as well as our small community stop. These people we elect do seem to pad their own wallets, as well as the people that surround their camps. Lets just have some people elected that actually want whats best for the County. Starting with being fiscal responsible. Get rid of unnecessary agencies. We do not need the Government involved in every aspect of our lives.

Kevin I have had several of my comments pulled. I am sure a lot more people who post on here have too. Do not take it so personal . I disagree with you probably 9 times out of 10, but I still read your post. I respect your freedom to believe, and post your point of views.


My comments have not been pulled, but it takes a while for them to show, if they are allowed to show. Seems to me CCN wants to see what I post before the rest can view it.


Salmon … or red herring?


Adulterer … or criminal?

Nice game bet others can come up with more names for Mr. Gibson.


Very well said. I cannot agree more. I particularly like that you spotlighted his term “trashwater.” That is so very Bruce. His knee-jerk is to boisterously dismiss those who present valid challenges to what he thinks is best for the county. I’ve seen it over and over. I also love that you brought up the reasons for the Tribune endorsement. Bruce points the water finger (or gives it) to north county and doesn’t bother to look after his own dry district. That was just a ploy of distraction. And the chip seal on Hwy 1?! Are you kidding me? I credit the cyclists who raised a stink in the first place. If they went to Bruce to help their cause, then Bruce was just doing his job, as opposed to doing his secretary. Cheap shot, I know, but Bruce deserves it.


And the Cayucos pier went to hell right under Bruce and Cherie’s noses! Cayucos citizens have rallied and they are the sole reason for it’s preservation. Hold on tight El Nino is expected next winter.

Mr. Salmon’s piece doesn’t mention something we also should take into account as a failure of Gibson. Regarding the Los Osos library; Gibson has done nothing to help it expand. Plans have been scrapped and the project removed from the long range budget of the County library projects. The Morro shoulderband snail (MSS) has been documented on the site and its expansion moth-balled because of it. BUT, Bruce’s beloved sewer project has just built a 500 sq. ft. brick-shit-house for a back-up power supply for the sewer pumps on the very same parcel of land, in fact this house will impede on the parking area intended for the redeveloped library….whenever we can overcome the MSS hurdle.


pasodowney : ) : ) : ) : ) :) Well said!!!!!!!!


WOW! How do you really feel?

Unfortunately his competition is’t much better – he will still vote the same way in the end. At least we wouldn’t have to fund his mistress (not yet anyway). What a pity we can’t find a quality person to run for such a beautiful area of America.


Many elections are not voting for the best person but often voting to get a really bad person out of office.


One sinking ship endorses another.