Defense attorney running as write-in for SLO DA

May 8, 2014

slo_courthouseA longtime defense attorney has joined the race for the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s seat as a write-in candidate. [Tribune]

Paul Phillips, 57, is a San Luis Obispo native who has practiced law since 1982 and doubles as a civil litigator. Phillips said he decided to run as a write-in candidate in order to give voters a choice of of someone outside the district attorney’s office.

“It looks like labor versus management,” Phillips told the Tribune. “How can we expect someone within to solve that problem? So I’m the right person at the right time with the right skill set to fix things and to move our community forward.”

Currently, Deputy District Attorney Dan Dow has the support of the majority of his fellow deputies, while Assistant District Attorney Tim Covello is backed by outgoing District Attorney Gerry Shea.

Phillips said he plans to campaign on a theme of positive change and do so primarily through social media. He also said prosecutors must increasingly plea bargain or find alternatives to incarceration in order to adjust to prison overcrowding and realignment.

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The DA should be investigating and prosecuting corrupt officials in local government, not aiding and abetting them.

The DA should not be persecuting whistleblowers, not sending the police to threaten, harass and persecute them.

The DA should not be protecting corrupt government officials.

The DA should not be bullying and threatening the media.

The mysterious death of Donal Schneider was not an accident. Donal Schneider was bushwhacked and murdered because he was blowing the whistle on government corruption.