Latino Outreach Council out of compliance

May 8, 2014

locThe Latino Outreach Council has failed to file require charity registration papers with the California Department of Justice for more than 10 years, even though the issue has been brought in front of the council multiple times. [NewTimes]

In early 2013, with former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Paul Teixeira serving as the non-profit’s president and his legislative aide Deb Geaslen serving as the council’s secretary, the group’s failure to properly register since 2004 was discussed along with plans to quickly remedy the issue. However, no one on the board filed the necessary papers.

In April, council member Andrea Naemi-Vergne resigned after discovering that after more than a year after the council said the registration issue would be taken care of, the group was still delinquent. In addition, Naemi-Vergne voiced her concerns about mismanagement and the group’s failure to follow its mission statement.

“In 1993, a group of 12 passionate people came together and formed The Latino Task Force,” Naemi-Vergne said in her letter of resignation. “Today you know this organization as Latino Outreach Council.

“Their vision was to find ways to serve the Latino community and the underserved in San Luis Obispo. Today, we are far from the true mission of this organization, and our infrastructure remains uncertain.”

Latino Outreach Council Chair Jacqueline Frederick admitted to the New Times that the group was out of compliance, and said they plan to fix the compliance issue.

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The Sellouts….

This is a much bigger problem than just ignoring filing paperwork.

We continue to see the same names over and over again like the Geaslen’s and others using organizations and campaigns to further their own narrow personal financial agendas. Voters Beware !

I fail to understand how the Geaslen’s, Mary Lucey, Matt Guerrero , and others can “Sellout” not only the working poor, disadvantaged, but other hard working people with families.

This is just not my opinion. When you review the facts and actions over many years you find a clear pattern of placing their own financial, political, and personal agendas first, and Selling Out the needs of those who need relief from higher taxes and rates, excessive compensation levels, and their need for more and more power and control over others at any cost to stay in power.

Some may want to check the Cal Coast news from March 2009 regarding one of the top members of this group by the name of C. R. Lara. This may shed some light on the organization and how it functions.

You can Google c r lara to get the article.

Read the article, one thing I found interesting was the comment that the D.A. had little interest in the case, no surprise there. One reason to clean house in the D.A.’s office. Maybe time for someone new and none of the old guard who went along with the current D.A.’s plan.