DUI crash on Highway 41 leaves driver in critical condition

May 19, 2014

chpAn Atascadero woman suffered major injuries Sunday night after she crashed her car while driving under the influence on Highway 41. The crash prompted two other accidents on the highway. [KSBY]

Roberta Silva, 56, was driving northbound on Highway 41 around 9 p.m. Sunday when she drifted into the path of an oncoming car. The driver of the other car tried to stop, but Silva hit the vehicle head on.

Emergency responder took Silva to a local hospital. She is in critical condition, according to the CHP.

The driver of the other car, as well as a passenger, suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Silva is facing arrest and DUI charges if she is released from the hospital.

After the first collision, one car drove off the roadway and a four-car rear ending accident occurred on Highway 41. No injuries occurred as a result of the car driving off the highway, and the CHP reported minor injuries from the four-car collision.

The CHP closed Highway 41 for several hours after the crashes.

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I hope she is unable physically to drive ever again. Otherwise, she will continue to wreck mayhem upon our innocents!

I wonder what her excuse will be?

Drunks always have an excuse for their


But for the Grace of God. My friend and I went out to the beach on Sunday to watch the sunset and have dinner. My friend decided that we should go out to Cambria rather than Morro Bay this last Sunday because they didn’t feel like driving Morro Road (Hwy 41) with all the sharp curves in the dark, although we do it all the time. Good thing we went to Cambria because we hit the road to head home from the beach as usual at about 8:30-8:45.

To think somebody was that intoxicated and on Hwy 41 of all places is just infuriating. Don’t know if my friend had a premonition or what but they just didn’t want to drive there for some reason on Sunday night.

I’m glad no innocents were seriously injured. The thing that makes me so angry is that a person who can’t stay on their own side of the road surely knows that they’re seriously impaired and a danger to others. This is the kind of DUI that deserves 15 years behind bars and a life long driving suspension.

“This is why I rarely ever drink anywhere (even at home) – you never know when you have to drive for whatever reason”. Man….I wish I could always have made that claim. As a recovering alcoholic (this disease-demonic possession-whatever the HELL it is…is so horrible. You cannot quit! You literally have no control over it…and when I sobered up-my God I wanted to die when I saw all the damage I had left in my path).

We classify people who drink normally as “normies” in my recovery program. One of my sons is a “normie” (and just graduated Juris Doctorate from UCLA on May 16), and my other son is an alcoholic (and although he has struggled [and my God it is painful to watch], he still eventually dropped out of community college and really struggles). He is in recovery now though. It is genetic, this “thing”. And I hate it. It destroys everything in its path; everything near and dear to people….

Over 8 years sober now-and I am safe on the road 24/7/365.

I am a “normie” in terms of alcohol. (My addictions tend to be to certain activities.) However, I have seen others struggling hard to control alcoholism and know how difficult it can be. My sympathies for your problem along with my respect for your ability to overcome it for 8 years. Good luck and keep fighting.

Seems to me that this god is worthy of thanks if nobody was injured. I just love the total cognitive dissonance displayed when I hear the sole survivor(s) of a plane crash say

“Thank god I am okay.” What about the other 350 people who are dead!!!

Why the lower case spelling of God?

It’s called Freedom.

You are right about that but sadly it is that attitude that is leading us to an end of civility. When people do this we call it respect. We don’t have to call a Dr. a Dr. but we do. Respect. How about Mr. President? Yea I at least do even if I don’t like the guy. Respect. But hey what the hell we have the right to this, the right to that and pretty soon once all the civility is gone, most likely those rights will go with.

To me, respect is due to all people until they give reason to take it away. However, I have long had a mild dislike for titles such as Dr. because, while the person bearing it may deserve a bit more intellectual respect for earning it, that extra respect may not apply to the rest of their personna. There are other ways to show general respect for someone without the use of titles. A friendly, positive attitude comes out clearly in the tone of voice you use, body language and in your choice of words. That should be enough to start.

I think that the biggest source for the loss of civility is the tendency for many people to substitute broad-based judgments about people based on limited exposure or outright misconceptions. (“All Muslims are potential terrorists and jihadis.”) Probably second on the list is a mix of self-absorbtion, greed and entitlement. (“I got mine, 5cru you.”)

The loss of civility is dangerous to society as a whole however. It damages our unity as human beings to the point where many people have no reason to care about others or act in a socially responsible manner.

Tragic, indeed. However, this caught my attention:

“Silva is facing arrest and DUI charges if she is released from the hospital.”

If? IF she is released from the hospital? Grim, at least. While I did notice it is reported that she is in critical condition, is she in the ICU? Either way, her life and her family are no doubt suffering from her serious lapse in judgement; and that is unfortunate.

Thank God the other people were not too injured. What a pain in the butt all-around this is. This is why I rarely ever drink anywhere (even at home) – you never know when you may have to drive for whatever reason.

Agreed. I do drink a bit more frequently than you at home but probably no more. And I pretty much always know that I will have no reason to go out when I do.