Lompoc foster mother arrested for child abuse

May 6, 2014
Laura Duarte

Laura Duarte

Lompoc police arrested a 37-year-old woman last week for physically abusing a boy she was raising as a foster child. [KEYT]

A week ago, Santa Barbara County Child Welfare Services received a tip about physical abuse of a 9-year-old boy in the foster care system. CWS passed the information onto Lompoc police and detectives arrested foster mother Laura Duarte at her home.

After the arrest, Duarte admitted to committing several acts of abuse on the 9-year-old.

Duarte is charged with felony child abuse. Officers booked her in Santa Barbara County Jail on $100,000 bail.

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At least Laura Duarte didn’t sell her adopted son into slavery as our God allows and condones; “When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are.  If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again.  But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her.(Exodus 21:7-8)

And, at least slavery has been done away with our current form of government that we are suppose to obey according to God (Romans 13:1-2). Also, if she would have been taken and sold against her will, kidnapped, then the person selling her should be killed as well (Exodus 21:16).

Control, Mr. Slanders, your control.


Why do you continue to blatantly disregard the Hebrew God’s word all the time? Where do you get the authority to slap our God directly in His face? Huh?

We are to obey God’s laws, not mans! Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

Furthermore, the Old Testament was NOT done away with (Matthew 5:18, John 15:10, Romans 3:31), therefore, selling your daughter into slavery is still in effect today, period!

The only thing that you Satanically represent here at CCN, is the fact that you’re trying to CONTROL others in your quest to rewrite the scriptures in the name of Satan, of which you have absolutely no authority to do so!

Take your dog and pony show elsewhere where your blatant ignorance of the scriptures may be accepted to your equally ignorant cohorts! As long as Brother Ted is here, you will be continually shown to be a minion of Satan at your own expense of being Hell bound upon your demise!

Control, Mr Slanders, your control.

You want me to go? Why? So you can have the only voice in this matter? Or is it that you don’t intimidate me as you do others? I have another gift that God provided, the second best He gave us against heretics like you, free will. The first was the free gift of His Grace that His Son paid for on Golgotha. PRAISE!

You’re no ones brother, Mr. Slanders.

Control, Mr. Slanders, your control.

Less about each other, much less.

Control, self control.

? or ! moderator@calcoastnews.com

You got it! Sorry, just let it get away from me.


Uh, you forgot to address the following in your hiding from the facts pertaining to this story, tsk, tsk:

1. Why do you blatantly disregard God’s direct words with your ungodly opinions that are not vouchsafed biblically?

2. We are to obey God’s laws and not mans like you proffered, as in the case that at least Laura Duarte didn’t sell her boy into slavery!

3. The Old Testament is still in order, therefore you’re wrong in proposing that we’re not to follow the condoned by God slavery within the scriptures.

I am only concerned with you sticking around and always being biblically WRONG with your insidious “opinions”, and the proof of this fact is in you not addressing the above entities on your weak followup!

In other words, how much egg upon your face can you withstand in front of CCN?

Less about each other, much less.

Control, Old Testament self control.

? or ! moderator@calcoastnews.com

For now, I will refer to the moderator.


Another excuse to run away from bible facts relative to the story again?

In my preaching regarding the stories here at CCN, I’ve seen a lot of ungodly people like you that are a dime-a-dozen. You are who you pretend to be, and in your case, you have no more ability to refute actual bible FACTS than a flattened crow on a Texas backroad!

Learn your limitations for the sake of not embarrassing yourself again. You’re welcome.

Might as well. Ted doesn’t know anything about the Bible. All he does is google excerpts and then take it all out of context. I just ignore him.

Am I missing something? Where in the article does it state that the 9 year old was a “problem child”? Why do we presume this? That presumption, whether you accept it or not, shifts some of the blame to the child, blame he or she doesn’t deserve, period. The problem, for right now, lays at the feet of Ms Duarte, nowhere else! Not with social services, not with the county and especially not with the child. Leave it at that for now and when the time comes the rest of your presumptions will either play out or not.

Please though, consider this; when we call for our governments to cut back on spending under the guise of less government in our lives it is children that suffer the greatest, especially those at risk. So, the next time you vote to cut government spending keep in mind that it’s our social services that get the biggest and most wide spread cuts and children suffer, first and the most.

The problem is that CWS does not properly vet these foster parent applicants. For instance, they don’t require any information as to the foster family’s income to confirm that the family is able to support itself independently and apart from personally utilizing any funds provided for the care of foster children. It’s not uncommon for people to take in children and use the money allocated for the children to pay their rent or mortgage payments. I know of a recent case that occurred right here in our county.

Two adults (parents) and their 24 year old son took in 3 young foster children and the family received a monthly payment of $2250.00 to care for these children. The 2 foster parents and their son weren’t working, none of them had a job at all and these 3 adults used the children’s foster money to live on.

As a consequence, the children were poorly clothes and fed. The children said they were constantly hungry but when they asked for more to eat, they were told that there wouldn’t be enough food for the rest of the family if the child received a larger portion of food. This is disgusting that these children were so abused. Eventually the children were removed after several complaints and a public outcry.

Bottom line, too many people are in it for the money and CWS knows it. That’s why they don’t ask about income. CWS needs to be shut down and restructured, currently they do more damage than good and they’re out of control. I’ve seen it first hand.


“Bottom line, too many people are in it for the money and CWS knows it. That’s why they don’t ask about income. CWS needs to be shut down and restructured, currently they do more damage than good and they’re out of control. I’ve seen it first hand.”

AMEN!!!! (In agreement)+

My prayers go out this child. He has been VICTIMIZED by the hands of a broken system.

See Parentalrights.org

First the child is in a foster home for a reason.

Second this person is unable to handle a child from a problem situation because the the line crossed into a felony arrest versus social services a problem child off her hands.

If your not at least half professionally trained, taking in a problem child into your hands is is asking for it!

There is insufficient details in this report to make even half a closure decision.

Can we go after the government employee who failed to do their job by allowing this woman to become a foster parent?

Yeah, because everyone should be able to see into the future!!

We see this time and time again…and in a lot of cases, the results are far more tragic.

It’s time to develop and implement a system that more closely monitors foster parents.and the children. Enough is enough.

Why the hell do we all keep electing politicians who has money to campaign with the right sweet appeasing words and handsome photos with well worded clichés versus an ordinary person with real world experience and sincere vision from the ongoing BS?!

Put me in a locked room with this low life and I’ll show her what abuse is!!!! What a piece

of crap she is abusing a nine year old. How do these monsters get custody of a child?

Yah…….just give me 30 seconds alone with her……….

I must have missed something. What act(s) constituted this abuse? Was it a swat on the rear or cigarette burns to the eye lids? In today’s society, it may have been something as simple as refusing to buy him a smart cell phone.

I will reserve my sentencing until I get more facts.

While I generally agree with your comments, I suspect that this abuse was not minor or Social Services would likely just have removed the child from her custody. I am wondering, however, whether the abuse was due to lack of training and skills in dealing with a problem child or simply some psychological pathology. If I was deciding her fate, the former would not be deserving of as severe punishment as the latter.