Marx, Cal Poly ask bars not to open before graduation

May 2, 2014
Jan Marx

Jan Marx

A longstanding tradition of outgoing Cal Poly students drinking downtown on the morning of their graduation ceremonies may soon come to an end if bar owners fulfill a request made by Mayor Jan Marx and a university administrator.

On April 16, Marx and Cal Poly Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey wrote a letter to the San Luis Obispo Downtown Association asking that bars not serve alcohol until 9 a.m. on June 14 and 15, the days of the upcoming Cal Poly graduation ceremonies. In years past, bars have opened at 6 a.m. on graduation days, and students have come to drink with family and friends prior to venturing over to campus for the festivities.

Marx and Humphrey stated that intoxicated students have created unsafe conditions on graduation day and have overshadowed the ceremonies.

“All too often, the commencement ceremonies are overshadowed and become unsafe due to the conduct of intoxicated students who have visited city bars prior to the ceremonies,” Marx and Humphrey wrote. “This ultimately spoils the moving graduation experience for others.”

The Mayor and Cal Poly administrator said they understand that they are asking downtown bars to make a financial sacrifice. The bars have yet to announce publicly whether they will agree to the request.

Many Cal Poly students have criticized the plan to close the bars, saying it will only send their drinking to different locations.


Well, as long as we’re all just asking…

Hey Marx, pack your bags and leave…

(I have as much right to ask you that than you have for asking people to behave the way you want them to).


Ms. Marx is the Mayor, she can ask that people act in such a way as to not put the city she is responsible for in jeopardy, can’t she (Charter § 407)?

We have always enacted statutes and laws to protect the greater good from the acts of the few whose irresponsible selfish acts put many at risk, don’t we?

So, let her ask and then let the retailers respond…


You’ve heard of ‘free speech zones’ ?

Set up ‘drinking and drunk zones’ with fences of more than the plastic snow and dust variety. I suggest razor wire.

Yeah, the bars will have to set up remote facilities, but they’ll still make money.

Let the drunken bachannalia begin !

…And our future ‘leaders’ will be well on their way to lives of mindless pursuits and hedonistic excess.

Isn’t this is what America is all about ?


Just restrict their parents credit cards,problem solved.

Russ J

I never heard of all this bull crap happening when I graduated in 83. What a bunch of entitled imbeciles some of these students have become. They should treat their tax payer funded, public owned University with a little more respect.

Breathalize them at the stadium gate – problem solved.

Kevin Rice

You really think college students couldn’t get around a breath test at the gate? Everclear fits in small bottles.

Really, though? Is this an issue of city-wide and governmental concern? I don’t think so.

Mr. Holly

Well you can certainly tell it’s an election year, they are all coming out and starting to make there promises and try to take credit for anything that has come out good for them. Why would Marx want to do this? It’s more of a CalPoly problem with their education process. But I guess it may look Marx’s look good if she can reduce the urinating and vomiting in what use to be nice neighborhoods in SLO>

miles archer

First of all, this was a REQUEST not a DEMAND.

Second, universities such as UC Davis and Fresno State have similar agreements with their local community bars…no cries of facism there.

Third, this well-written request (I’ve read it)was co-penned by the Mayor AND the Cal Poly VP for Student Affairs…why aren’t the wolves baying for his blood too?

Nevermind. Rhetorical question, we know why…


If I recall correctly there was once a REQUEST to fly the flag at half staff in honor of Pearl Harbor Day and it was ignored. Instead, once lowered, Marx’s goon squad DEMANDED that the flag be re-raised to full staff, snubbing the President and the patriots of Pearl Harbor

Well done comrade.

Drinks are on the house!.


Excuse me, they are “adults”, treat them as such.


What will keep them from going to the store and buying alcohol? All this does is keep them frrom going to a bar.


Hey now, don’t confuse the naysayers with logic.


A City Ordinance mandating the hours when alcohol can be served and consumed can’t be far behind.


The state already does that, as far as sales go and the consumption in business that sell alcohol. No sales or serving after 2 am and not before 6 am.

And as far as treating them like adults? I’d have no problem with that if they acted like ones. Drinking at 6 am is either the act of an immature individual or that of an alcoholic. And if you’re serious; arrest them for public intoxication, hold them for the mandated 4 hours, site them and let them miss their graduation. Adults pay adult consequences for their adult actions.