PETA weighs in on North County sheep deaths

May 13, 2014

sheep4Animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is faulting the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office for not criminally charging local rancher Jean Jaureguy in the deaths of 25 sheep. [Tribune]

In February, a hiker discovered dozens of abnormally thin and weak sheep near trails at Heritage Ranch. The hiker also found dead sheep in ravines, in a creek and on a hillside.

But, the sheriff’s office determined that Jaureguy’s sheep died from a mild winter storm, as opposed to from neglect. High winds and excessive rains caused the deaths, the sheriff’s investigation concluded.

Stephanie Bell, casework director for PETA’s cruelty investigations department, disputed the sheriff’s office findings.

“The California penal code is quite clear,” Bell said. “If an animal is subjected to needless suffering, that constitutes cruelty, and these animals clearly suffered unnecessarily.”

Bell also said that the rancher left the sheep outdoors in cold, windy and wet conditions shortly after shearing them. The sheering could have been delayed based on the weather forecast, Bell said.


It is well established that PETA and HSUS are fraudulent fund raising scams.

PETA’s fellow Animal Rights Wackos even cheat on their federal tax returns.

Humane Society Affiliate Amends Faulty Tax Returns


PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) Should not be vetted for anything they have an opinion on.

This sheep thing is bad enough without crazy folks that protest the handling of dead fish getting press.


Why mention Peta? They are quite a discredited group.


Did we miss Jean Jaureguy’s name, or a family member or friend, on the list of Parkinson’s election campaign donors during his last election run?


That sheep in the picture is MALNOURISHED no doubt about it. The only thing early sheering did was make it more apparent, and at after sheering the animal the farmer should have gotten this animal medical attention.

If this was a dog he would have been cited, shame of the sheriffs dept for allowing this farmer to get away with not treating these animals as living, breathing beings.

That animal suffered in my mind.


What does early sheering have to do with malnourished animals?


I think it has to do with the attempted excuse for the poor condition of the sheep leading to death having to do with a late storm…in other words, the sheared sheep were under stress from the cold because they were naked from shearing, causing them to expend more of its caloric resources in an effort to remain warm.

But even that excuse doesn’t wash because it is still the owner’s responsibility to provide adequate food, water and shelter.

Normally, sheep wouldn’t require a lot of shelter in the early spring. However, the owner decided to sheer the animals, and that necessitates shelter, food and water necessary to keep the animals alive in conditions that do not reach cruelty.