Rice’s opinion on Capps

May 30, 2014

opinionBy CCN STAFF

After posting Kevin’ Rice’s opinion piece, CCN received several responses about the opinion  and questions about outside opinions.

CCN’s policy has been to post opinions of the public regardless of whether or not staff agrees with the opinion. This policy was adopted after hearing from readers that several other news outlets refuse to run opinions that conflict with the opinion of the news entity.

However, CCN has decided to remove Rice’s opinion piece because it fails to provide an opinion and others in attendance disagree with Rice’s assertion.



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The public is sick and tired of the runaway media censorship in SLO County.

Why is CCN caving?; and, Who is CCN caving in to?

“…others in attendance disagree with Rice’s assertion”.

To me…This is the real story here. Who,exactly, are we talking about? Clearly CCN has been influenced by someone, the tragic result is that they (CCN) was so influenced by a political entity that they gave in. Why not print the names of the “Others”, what they saw, and allow us to judge credibility. This is only half a story, CCN please tell us who contacted you and what they said or your credibility becomes suspect.