Rice’s opinion on Capps

May 30, 2014

opinionBy CCN STAFF

After posting Kevin’ Rice’s opinion piece, CCN received several responses about the opinion  and questions about outside opinions.

CCN’s policy has been to post opinions of the public regardless of whether or not staff agrees with the opinion. This policy was adopted after hearing from readers that several other news outlets refuse to run opinions that conflict with the opinion of the news entity.

However, CCN has decided to remove Rice’s opinion piece because it fails to provide an opinion and others in attendance disagree with Rice’s assertion.



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It would be great if someone heard the same Capps’ comment as Rice (and at the same

function). Then I believe it would have been appropriate to publish Rice’s blog.

Seriously, you really think that one of the loyal soldiers in a room filled with all supporters for her reelection are going to say anything, and I mean anything, negative about her. Get real, they were there celebrating with her and the other socialists.


CNN, how sad that you removed Kevin Rice’s alleged “opinion” about Lois Capp’s where I had showed him to being the pot calling the kettle black. I had pointed out this fact because Lois Capps alleged situation in Kevin’s hearsay accounting was like a Girl Scout picnic compared to Kevin’s insidious past escapades.

By removing his guileful post, you did remove him of any further embarrassment from the rational thinking CCN alumni. Kevin’s thanks to you should be forthcoming post haste.

“You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness.” (Exodus 23:1)

…and now you know why other “news entit(ies)” choose to not print every piece of crack-pot drivel that comes across the desk (or email). You just made your website a lot less credible with that silly “opinion” piece.

The news entity that you complain about gets equal criticism from the left and right for omitting stories and opinions…because they weed out that kind of garbage.

Sorry to see this bit of censorship by CCN editors. Stating a derisive fact one observed is a form of opinion, or comment. You should have stood your ground behind Rice’s bit of politically incorrect writing.

Further, to remove an opinion because others in attendance rush forward and express a contrary view invites dishonesty. Political types and flacks will lie without remorse, shame, or hesitation.

Remember, SUSAN Rice was on five national television Sunday opinion shows stating that the Obama Administration KNEW the Bengazi murders were a brief popular uprising against an anti-muslim video, when White House emails recently released due to a FOIA lawsuit by some justice watch group PROVE that the White House was, as usual, telling falsehoods.

As I said under the Rice opinion thread that is now removed, I buy Rice’s observation of an intoxicated slurring celebrating Capps completely. Not the end of the world, not uncommon for a celebrating adult politician, but useful and of interest in the public comment.

Post it back up?

Now I know why you call yourself Lame Commenter.

Wow, nice stretch by actually mentioning “BENGAZI”

Apparently then, in “your” opinion, anyone who refutes an allegation like Kevin did in his hit piece, they are partisan hacks, willing to lie to push their viewpoint- which discounts completely a lot of people from having credibility if we were to follow your rule.

Reminds me of those who assert that anyone who points out an example of racism or bigotry as being labeled the bigot or racist for pointing out the act; just because there were witnesses who refute Kevin’s accounting does not mean that they are necessarily extreme partisans or that they are lying.

Whoops: I just noticed that I posted my comment under “ApathyWillKillYou”, but I was responding to “LameCommenter. Sorry for any confusion.

Perhaps you can start a petition to recall the article, Lame.

Good call

Good for you CCN, I thought that Rice’s piece had an agenda behind it and did not necessarily have any FACT behind it. Maybe from here on out you will screen some of these “opinions” people have a bit more before deciding to post them.

No opinion? Conflicts with other individuals who were in attendance? This argument can be made with most of the opinion articles posted to date.

I’m against the removal of his piece regardless of how I thought about it. Booo.

Sort of like taking back a f…belch.

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