SLO council gives CAPSLO $250,000 for homeless center

May 21, 2014


The San Luis Obispo City Council awarded the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO) $250,000 Tuesday to use for the development and construction of a new homeless services center.

The council had previously budgeted the money to aid CAPSLO in its bid to purchase a Prado Road property on which to build the homeless center. But, CAPSLO recently struck a deal with the San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Agency, with which it is jointly purchasing the property.

On Tuesday, the council reallocated the funds toward construction of the homeless services center. CAPSLO is also requesting $500,000 from the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors to use toward building the facility.

Prior to Tuesday’s meeting, Councilman Dan Carpenter wrote a CalCoastNews opinion piece stating that the city should direct funds toward immediately housing people rather than toward building a holding pen for the homeless. Councilman John Ashbaugh, a CAPSLO board member, responded by co-authoring a letter published by the Tribune saying CAPSLO already has a housing first policy.

Carpenter defended his position Tuesday, saying the city should start building permanent housing and that many homeless people would rather live in a car or on the streets than in a shelter. Carpenter cast the lone dissenting vote against the reallocation of funds.

Ashbaugh said the existing San Luis Obispo homeless shelter is filled to capacity and the new one would be properly sized and well managed.

“It’s a very, very exciting prospect,” Ashbaugh said.

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They will come like flies to a pile of dung. SLO; be prepared to be over-run.

The city just put out the welcome sign.

At least they did something right and provided easy access and top entertainment. I won’t be going to the drive-in anymore, I would be afraid to get out of my car.

I read that there are 3-5000 homeless folks in the county. I am sure not all of them are supported by Capslo. But lets say Capslo supports 3,000 homeless. There operating budget is somewhere around 62 million dollars a year. Thats 20,666 per client. PLUS they steal money from the homeless and “manage there assets”. This is a racket. People get smart…FOLLOW THE MONEY….IT LEADS TO MARX, ASSBAUGH, GIBSON, HILL AND THE REST OF THIS FILTHY CABAL.

Actually your entirely incorrect. This number of 62 million gets repeated over and over..with no true understanding of what the $63 million is used for. Most of that $63 million is used for the Children Youth and Family services…meaning Head Start..State..Migrant Seasonal Head start childcare programs.So that is NOT $20,666.00 per person. Your facts are totally incorrect. People in this town don’t seem to understand the people who own these shelters and are responsible for them (Slo County and HASLO) are the ones that are truly responsible for these sites. CAPSLO just runs them on a daily deficit for your city. Do you know how much money it costs just on the upkeep due constant abuse from the homeless?? How many times can you fix a shower head that has been ripped off …a toilet clogged with whatever they feel like shoving in them.. The punching and kicking of have no idea how much is spent constantly fixing things for people who don’t care as long as they can sit on their a$$ and get a hand out.A LOT..and this doesn’t come from the operating money because that money is funded and used towards other programs who are the huge part of that operating budget. If you have something to say…please get your facts right….the tin foil mentality on this is so over done based on all incorrect facts, personal vendettas and plain stupidity. If you care so much being a member of this City..go help out…come by and try to patch a wall for the 100th time because “the poor homeless” person just felt like kicking in the wall again. And see how much they appreciate what you do for them.

Well, you are a lot closer to the facts than most of the people commenting here. The only correction I would make is that it is a relatively small proportion of the homeless people using the shelter that do all the damages. That is one of the reasons why they are soon instituting their new drug/alcohol testing policies. If they can reduce the number of destructive individuals, their maintenance costs should start to go down.

They won’t disappear because some of the damage comes from people with psychological problems only and because the shelter is a deteriorating old building that was not designed or built to last as long as it has.

PS Do I have to go “grammer-Nazi” to make the point that use of paragraphs make your opinions much more readable?

I guess someone will have to go “spelling-Nazi” on me (:- ) “Grammar” not “grammer”

When you manipulate people into submission by your rules:

and starve them into submission by denying them the only free hot meal in town (cooked and served completely by another organization):

you easily invite the vandalism which you mention and other acts of frustration when these rules are misenforced by underqualified staff who unfairly write up all parties involved.

I can only hope it will try to help rectify it’s failing record to actually end homelessness by developing a Detox program into it’s Homeless Services Program. Santa Maria is willing to help:

We’ll just have to wait and see what changes are made in reference to Dee’s demotion. Will Capslo learn from it’s past?

Thank you Cal Coast News once again for your persistent efforts to expose the real truths in our community. May they help develop moral structure in our City’s governance and inspire it’s wary citizens.

Talk about not getting ones facts correct; localbeachbum you can easily be the poster child wearing the biggest “tin foil mentality” hat of all.

The major overall factor of maintenance costs for Maxine’s doesn’t come from the abuse of “clients”, it comes from pure and simple age and overuse on facilities not designed or capable of handling their current overuse, and the same can be said for Prado. Do clients damage things? Sure. But never to the extent you imply.

The facility maintenance for Maxine’s comes directly from CAPSLO’s operating fund;as it, the maintenance, is, after all, part of the general operation of Maxine’s. As far as Prado goes? I’m not sure other then I can say I’ve never seen a county or city maintenance person doing any maintenance there while seeing CAPSLO’s maintenance staff and trucks there when called.

When was the last time you did anything for either sight, so much so you can speak with such authority?

So yes, let us not feed and assist the dependency of most of the homeless. Just let them wonder into our neighbors, panhandle in downtown and have the police waste their extremely high salaries on these minor problems.

Interesting that as Cal Poly students leave the police will now have lots of time to focus on assisting CAPSLO to deal with these hungry needy homeless. Timing is everything.

CAPSLO’s job is to assist the homeless. Not the nice homeless, the white homeless, the children homeless, the hungry homeless, the clean homeless, the sober homeless, but ALL THE HOMELESS. If they can’t do the entire job then get out of the business.

They are going to stop feeding the neediest of all with no alternatives for them. Yes, you are good stewards for the homeless.

I have already stopped donating and now I will notify my church to not call me for meals until all homeless are feed. That is the least I can do for the neediest of all! Maybe I will handout bagged lunches…

Since Ashbaugh thinks the project will be sooooo wonderful he should move his family into it or at least build a residence for his family next to it. Sure glad I don’t live in SLO.

yeah right….good luck. We need to vote all of the current BUMS OUT of office!

Um, where’s some proof that Capslo will end homelessness with this?

As soon it’s in operation invitation notices will be sent to homeless organizations nationwide. Come one, come ALL, to the Happiest City in America.

If San Luis Obispo wishes to be the Homeless Capital of the West Coast, so be it. Let’s just see how well Capslo handles it. Increased crime, etc. Wonderful. Keeps the SLOPD and SLO County Sheriffs busy!

The homeless shelter will be nothing more than a money pit. The costs to build will exceed the projection, the costs to run the institution will go up every year and the taxpayers will be forced to pay for it. And the homeless population will continue to grow because it will be easier to be homeless. What we need are solutions to help homeless people find a home and a job and get away from a system that makes money, in the form of wages,kl off of the homeless.

The beginning of the money pit for Measure Y money. CAPSLO, salary increases and new hires…

Vote NO – Measure Y

You know NO ONE has had a raise at CAPSLO in many, many years (and if less than 1% raise is a lot to isn’t to anyone else)….so please let me know when this actually happens with salary increase..there are about 1000+ people who need to feed their families that don’t make as much as you seemed to be delusional in thinking…..

Build it and they will come, come and come until the new problems exceed the old ones. The good new is that they too will love it here and may someday become our leadership.

This will be the start of more homeless, more money needed, more problems, more homeless in SLO sleeping in cars, parks, etc. This 100 bed facility will not be big enough to solve this massive problem. This is just the start of a bigger problem which will continue to escalate to a big, bigger, biggest problem for this continue at a big financial cost to the taxpayers.

I think the current council majority is certifiably nuts. They are wasting taxpayers money and they expect to recoup it with more taxpayer money in form of Measure Y.

Hello SLO residents ????? Have you been so severly beaten with the stupid stick that you cant see whats happening?????

Dump Marx, Ashbaugh, Smith and Christianson, Lictig and Dietrick cause they are robbing you blind.

This is the worst city administration in past 100 years

More Measure Y funds are accounted for…….

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