Paso Robles police searching for home invasion suspects

May 21, 2014

home invasionPaso Robles police are searching for two men who forced their way into a woman’s home and robbed her Tuesday night.

Shortly after 9 p.m., the 49-year-old woman, who was home alone, heard a knock on her door. She answered the door and saw two Hispanic males in their late teens to early 20s who were wearing all black. One of the men was brandishing a knife.

The men forced their way into the home and demanded cash and jewelry. The victim, who was not injured in the home invasion, complied.

Both men then fled the scene.

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Seriously? She didn’t use a peephole then yell loudly “Bubba grab the rifle-we have a problem here-and it looks like we are gonna have a little excitement after all”. (Of course stepping away from the door front and center in case they fire through it). What, did she think it was trick-or-treat? By age 49….you ought to have a few known tricks up your sleeve. It beats opening the door and inviting them in!

This happened on Nickerson. They don’t know yet if it was random or the victim was known.

It just reminds me that I need to get a front door with a peep hole. I’m one of those people who have a solid steel door, and I open the door blindly to strangers who so far have been neighbors, friends, and postal deliverers.

Maybe they had a “Gun Free Zone” sign or the like in front of the house.

terrible, feel so sorry for the woman, sure hope they find the bruts!!

Last time I had my door knocked on at an unusual hour I opened it with a revolver in my hand. Haven’t been bothered a whole lot since.

That isn’t a bad solution except if you live in an area with a police dept. that is more interested in playing soldier than in protecting citizens. SWAT-type raids have been done too often on bad information (incorrect addresses or ID) — particularly when the DEA is part of the process since they don’t stick around to deal with the fallout. If that happens to you and you answer the door armed, you will most likely not survive. The best you can hope for is that your heirs will get someone like me on the jury when they sue.

If you have any expectation that paso police department will protect you, you are foolish. By the time their dispatchers relay the info to the officers,the criminals will be in Santa Barbara.

Don’t pick on Paso PD, the fact is that you should not have an expectation of protection from ANY police department. The truth of the matter is in most states, they don’t even have a legal obligation to protect you. Don’t believe me, read “Dial 911 and die”. People need to wake up and take responsibility for protecting themselves. Cops do a pretty good job of drawing a chalk line around your body and finding out who did it, but that doesn’t help you out a whole lot, does it?

This is pretty much accurate but the cops do reduce the odds of others becoming victims when they catch those who have committed violent crimes.

When seconds matter, the Police are only minutes away.

I saw four anglos on gov tv perform a legal home invasion, they called it an emergency ordinance.

Umm…..I suspect they were wetbacks and the “anglos” were ICE.

Good for you Jorge. Someone needed to make the point that this BS isn’t limited to certain ethnic groups. I realize that using ethnic labels can assist in identifying specific perps but it also tends to lead to unjustified generalizations about the entire ethnicity.

For my part, I have to resist the temptation to label all cops as “legalized gang bangers” just because the Narcotics Task Force behaves as such.

Glad nobody was hurt. Correction: glad the victim wasn’t hurt. Wish somebody had “capped” the perps. Drop the hammer on them. Entire towns live in fear when this happens. Probably Jerry Brown prison releases.

We’ve had our door knocked on at 8:30pm. Tall solo man selling loose candy bars, not an organized nor boxed nor labeled fundraiser candy. No sign of organized fund raising, no ID, nothing, just an imposing age 35-ish man.

Yeah, right. It was a case out, in our opinion. Very sad that bad folks are seeking vulnerable victims.

We called the sheriff’s department. Nothing was done about it. (As in no response, a visit, a follow-up call, but then, we’re talking the SLO County sheriff’s department, so, natch.)

That’s a bummer they didn’t roll out SWAT for ya. Sounds like a strange visit for sure but, not worthy of a visit I wouldn’t think!

Yep, us too. Doorbell/loud knocks on door at SIX in the morning. It was like they really wanted to make sure someone was NOT home. I staggered to the door to find 2 guys at doorstep and 1 walking out of view in front of our garage. In my head, I thought “oh crap!” so I started talking loudly “What do you want? It’s six o’clock in the morning! My family’s asleep!” Two started to walk off quickly and one stammered “uh…uh…I guess this isn’t Bob’s house…” They were on foot, no car on sight.

They were clearly casing the place because our car was in garage and they thought no one was home. It was a quiet street in Paso near greenbelt and they darned well KNEW there was no “Bob” there.

Scared the $##% out of me and no, Paso PD didn’t do anything. (“We’ll keep an eye out for them.”–Yeah, right.)

We had an actual commercial/residential multiple burgalry occur around our Grover Beach apartment a few years ago. After calling two or three times, I was forced to go outside myself with a gun to verify that said burgalry had actually occurred.

One responding officer instructed me to call next time instead of confronting them myself, which were the exact words I used when trying to get them to investigate.