SLO medical marijuana advocates prevail

May 7, 2014

med potThe San Luis Obispo City Council voted 4-1 to table a proposed law to ban mobile medical marijuana and outside pot cultivation on Tuesday.

Last year, the city received several complaints about a medical marijuana growing operation in the backyard of a San Luis Obispo home. Neighbors complained of foul odors and pointed out that the backyard grow was located next to a day care center and three blocks away from a school.

In response, city staff crafted an ordinance that would not only ban the outdoor cultivation of marijuana, but would also ban medical marijuana delivery services within the city.

During public comment, proponents of medical marijuana spoke of its benefits to those suffering from illness.

In the end, the council decided not to ban the dispensaries and directed staff to look for a way to prohibit marijuana cultivation that creates a nuisance.

Councilman Dan Carpenter dissented saying he was uncomfortable regulating the use of a drug that is illegal under federal law.

Currently, the state of California is working with local water boards to adopt an approach for regulating marijuana cultivation to mitigate environmental damage. Governor Jerry Brown has directed the State Water Resources Control Board to develop a program regulating waste discharges from grow sites that can impact water and soil quality, as well as wildlife habitats.

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can cause paranoia


Ah, ignorance, the boon of fascism!

“foul order” was no doubt supposed to read “foul odor”.

The smell of growing cannabis comes from a group of organic compounds known as “terpenes”. This is the same class of chemicals that produces the characteristic aroma of citrus, roses, pine, etc. If you’ve ever walking though a forest, you were breathing air chock-full of the terpene beta-pinene.

There is nothing psychoactive about smelling cannabis; in fact, it’s closest relative, hops, produces many of the same terpenes. Terpenes are widely used in aromatherapy.

Complaining about smelling marijuana plants makes as much sense as complaining about the aroma from your neighbor’s rose garden or honeysuckle.


I’m guessing you don’t have a serious asthma issue.


Some terpenes do trigger asthma, like limonene in citrus workers. Others can reduce inflammation. As an asthma sufferer, I’m sure you know the major source of terpene triggers are home cleaning products.

Surely, you don’t call police when your neighbor’s plants and trees bloom?


Many terpenes trigger asthma and depending on the person can cause serious breathing issues requiring hospital care. Part of the reason a person with asthma issues would not live in a forest or next to a business that produces something that would trigger an attack. There are many household cleaning products safe for asthma suffers.


Sorry trying to equate roses to pot plants, come on is that the best you have.


It smells like…. well, like SKUNK weed to me!


“Councilman Dan Carpenter dissented saying he was uncomfortable regulating the use of a drug that is illegal under federal law.”

This is an inaccurate summation of what Carpenter said. He was all in favor of “regulating,” i.e., prohibiting, grows and deliveries. His comment about the feds was an off-the-wall jibe at those in the audience, as in why-are-you-bothering-us-about-this-when-you-should-be-going-to-congress — a total fist in the face to those in the audience, since the issue at hand was CITY regulation. It made no sense.

One has the impression the ever-obstreperous Carpenter just wanted to carve out a position that differed from the people on the council he always differs with. Made no sense, though, as a logical statement. Maybe he’d inhaled before the meeting.


I could not help but want to ask Dan who was paying him for his service…..The city of San Luis Obispo or the bureaucrats in Washington that have duped us all for years into believing the horrors of Cannabis! Dan needs to run for congress!


Dan Carpenter voted for this stupid ordinance? wtf? I usually find Dan to be fairly intelligent and thoughtful, but this vote makes no sense whatsoever.