California mayor resigns amid dog poop tossing scandal

June 18, 2014

Dog poop tossThe upscale Southern California city of San Marino is in need of a new mayor now that its previous top official resigned in a dog poop tossing scandal. [NBC LA]

Dennis Kneier resigned Tuesday, 10 days after surveillance footage caught him tossing a bag of dog feces onto a neighbor’s lawn. Kneier will remain on the city council, which will pick a new mayor to fill his place.

“I thought it would be the very best thing for us to move forward and have a reorganization and have a new mayor,” Kneier said in an interview at the doorstep to his house.

Kneier cited continuing public fallout and embarrassment from the dog poop toss as his reasons for stepping down from his mayoral post. He plans to remain on the council until his term ends in November 2015.

The San Marino Police Department cited Kneier for littering.

Jorge Estrada

How do we know that it is dog poop? Sounds like a cover for the perverse truth.


Hey! Morro Bay is the biggest dog friendly community on the central coast!


More dog poop stories. Keep them coming!


Politicians should remember that it is only legal to throw “poop” in a metaphorical sense and limit themselves to doing so during election campaigns. If they want real respect they should avoid doing it even under those circumstances.


So I guess he was too pooped to be Mayor


If that’s reason to resign, all of congress and the senate should quit. They have been tossing crap on the citizens of this country for decades


Best post in a long time!


he is stepped down from Mayor but will still be on the city council, I don’t think that is really letting the city move forward.

How about you step down from Mayor and are ONLY a council member until they can find a new person for that seat, that is moving forward since you obviously don’t respect at least one person who lives in your district and possibly more.

Had that not been caught on film you would have denied you did it till the cows came home


I caught a resident of the next street over walking his dog and letting it crap all over my lawn and a neighbor’s lawn. I asked him to pick it up and he denied that his dog pooped on our lawns. He got all belligerent and said he used to kill people for a living and his smart alec wife said it is people like me who screw up the world…after THEIR dogs crapped all over the neighborhood. I saw the steaming piles being pinched off and hitting the grass! Anyway, the thought crossed my mind to gather it up and follow them home and toss it on their front porch but being the gentle person that I am I decided against it. I wonder if this is “the rest of the story” that happened to the mayor?

On second thought, maybe I should have fired a shotgun into the ground near them.


Anyone who states in public that they have “killed people for a living” has most likely never done it.

Perhaps he was a paid beta tester for one of the X-Box killing games…


If he lived in Los Osos he could have been shot.


I would have rubbed his nose in it!


You beat me to that one!