Dystiny Myers suit dismissed as skull returns to family

June 27, 2014

Dystiny MyersThe San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office has agreed to return the skull of murder victim Dystiny Myers to the family of the deceased runaway teen.

In March, Myers’ family sued the county over the district attorney’s office’s decision to hold the skull for trial evidence without informing family members that it was doing so. A judge has now dismissed the lawsuit, and the skull is expected to return to Myers’ family as soon as Friday.

Last year, a San Luis Obispo jury found Ronda Wisto and her son Jacob York guilty of the murder of 15-year-old Myers, who died in 2010. Three other accomplices agreed to plea deals in the murder case.

In the lawsuit, Myers’ family alleged that prosecutors had not informed them that they had removed the victim’s head from her body prior to a burial. Myers’ mother, Aileen Lucas, was hospitalized in a nervous breakdown from seeing slides of the skull during the 2013 trial, the lawsuit states.

County officials claim that the district attorney’s office acted appropriately and followed the law during the case.

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Exactly what is the family supposed to do with the skull? They have limited financial resources and it seems to me that it is the DA’s responsibility to see to it that the skull is reunited with the rest of Destiny’s remains. That would be the decent and humane thing to do for this family who has suffered terribly. There just doesn’t seem to be any heart left in our government. Shame on you DA Shae and your colleagues.

Perhaps the case that was dropped was a criminal (neglect?) one – then the family should proceed with a civil case for damages done & to teach a lesson.

I might get beat up by those who will miss the point but………….First off what has happened was bad but what will suing county accomplish? Will the D.A. or any of the other employee’s pay this? No we the tax payer will. So no harm no foul as far as they are concerned, so how is that going to encourage them not to do again? It is the same as when people sue a big company like G.M. for executive mistakes. Who pays? Not G.M. The investors take a cut but the executives usually still have a job. Don’t mistake that I like or approve of any or all of this. I am just realistic after a life spent of watching nothing change.

This family was desperate! a member of their family had been abused, drugged, beaten, tortured, murdered, and set on fire.

If this was the only way to get her last remains back…so be it. the fact that the DA’s office kept the skull and with held that fact from the family is extremely disturbing.

Tell me, if it were one of your family members would you feel the same way…that a lawsuit was silly? I think not.

I think the Grand Jury should investigate this case.

Dude relax. You are reading into things I did not say or mean. Did you SEE the last two sentences? Roy said a lawsuit would teach them a lesson. Please then explain how and where my comment missed. How is this going to teach them a lesson? Can you show me ANYWHERE where this has taught anyone a lesson in past? If it had then we shouldn’t even have to be here discussing it but sadly it goes on. Again I am not saying I agree, I am just being realistic.

You’re right, it would be the tax-payer – as it always is – who foots the bill. In a perfect world, people would sue for others to lose their jobs and never be allowed to work for the government again.

Agreed Roy. I wish there was a way to change but I can’t think of any.

This is simply disturbing on too many levels.Exactly WHO are the “county officials” who said the DA’s office “acted appropriately?”

Hadn’t Dystiny and her family suffered enough?

This is outrageous.

Unbelievable! Her poor family! Thank goodness we now have a DA with a little compassion.

What ere you talking about, Shea is still the DA