Grover Beach woman sprays pesticide in child’s face

June 27, 2014
Julie Wilhelmina Rodenhuis

Julie Wilhelmina Rodenhuis

Grover Beach police arrested a woman Wednesday evening for spraying a child in the face with a weed killer.

Detectives have not yet determined a motive, but police say that 60-year-old Julie Wilhelmina Rodenhuis approached a seven-year-old and sprayed pesticide in the child’s eyes. The incident occurred around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday in a condominium complex at 676 North 12th Street in Grover Beach.

Family members immediately treated the child until medical responders arrived. The child received further treatment at a local hospital and was released.

Officers charged Rodenhuis with child endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon and battery with serious child endangerment. Rodenhuis could receive addition charges.

She is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

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There is a board of five here Julie told about as they harassed Julie and her mother. Kathy Bond, Jermoy Bond, Beth Davis, Joe Clair,

Kathleen Deragon, Jane Hill. They hired the renter who poisoned her dog, then after he confessed they still hired him. Father of the child. CPS were called due a parent John Jensen who locked his 4 year old out

nightly for 3 months and was found alone on 12 st and Atlantic City. He is the one who called police and lied. This child never was sprayed by Julie ever ,only told not to spray people when they walked past pool as Julie was sprayed by the kids..Michelle Mussey was called out of her unit by Julie to come out and supervise her kids.10 kids blocked her front door. Mussey is known by the police while this HOA board did nothing to protect kids. Police were here monthly due to drugs.I stayed here on and off and witnessed this HOA do nothing to help renters or homeowners. When I heard about charges against Julie, I couldn’t believe it. Anyone who truly knows Julie will attest that it is unfathomable that she could harm a child. She is a loving and tender person. It seems to me that there is bad blood in the complex between her and her neighbors because she had called the police several times on various tenants for drug dealing behaviors and child neglect. I am not one for conspiracies; however, I have no choice in this matter but to believe that she has been set up by vindictive tenants and the HOA.

I have known Julie W Rodenhuis for many years. I haven’t seen her for quite awhile but we have remained in communication and are still good friends. I have lived with Julie many years ago and I use to bring my son and daughter to the home. At the time, they were at the age of about 9 and 6. They enjoyed Julie and never once has Julie ever been cross with them nor has she ever done anything to harm them. This accusation that was imposed on her is totally bogus! I’ve know Julie to be nothing but loving and caring when it came to children. For her to harm any child is totally ludicrous and unbelievable. This is NOT Julie. I hope who ever is questioning her really takes the time to get to know her and to search out the truth and facts. Julie is a fantastic woman and my good kind friend!

This amazing women has been to hell and back over these irrounious accusations and charges. The sooner we can move from this complex the better! Nothing but drug dealers, out of control kids and rude, ignorant individuals! If people in here are so quick to judge come and visit on a warm sunny day and see for yourself!