Famous nomad arrested in SLO for camping

June 16, 2014


Since the 1800s, people have traveled up and down California bedding down alongside their pack mules or horses, but not now, especially not in the city or county of San Luis Obispo.

While working as a landscaper, 66-year-old John Sears began traveling with his mules across the country about 30 years ago, a common sight in some states such as Montana. After Sears retired at 54, he began spending full time on his hobby.

On May 29, San Luis Obispo Police officers arrested Sears after they found him sleeping near the tracks by Woodbridge Street. On his Facebook page, Sears says the police also determined his two mules were homeless.

“The metropolis says the mules are homeless, they don’t live in one of my city’s shisy (sic) buildings and they don’t go from one building to the next in my glitzy, shiny automobile, they are homeless,” Sears wrote on May 31.

Sears, who survives off his meager Social Security income, has a court date on August 14, according to his Facebook page. However, he is attempting to get an extension to November so they he can leave the area and move north were the climate is easier on his mules.

In addition, on Saturday at 11 p.m., a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy woke Sears up and ordered him to move along or be cited.

“Last night, we were woken about 11 p.m. by SLO County Sheriff and told we would be cited under law 647 (e) PC if we did not pack-up and leave in the dark with automobiles blinding our vision with their bright lights and no alternative place to go unless lake Margarita, 10-miles away, is considered an alternative,” Sears said on Facebook. “We will not die for our way of life; we will live for it until we do die whether by accident, stealth, or natural causes.”


Isn’t it a shame that the city almost always looks for the bad in people. Why not embrace this character by welcoming him rather than arresting him. Perhaps Mr. Sears would have been willing to share his adventure stories with the community as part of the summer programs which no doubt would be far more interesting and educational than a classroom.

It seems a valuable asset to the community has slipped through the fingers of government once more.

A sad time indeed.

Good luck and Godspeed Mr. Sears in all of your travels.


I’ve lived elsewhere…in this ole USA ( Unshameful Stupidists of America ? Utter Smallminds Association ? ), but have yet to find a congregation of so many pretentious, stuck-up, self-entitled, posers as one constantly cannot avoid running into as in San Luis Obispo, the city.

The most of them are VERY HAPPY being jerks and thinking themselves superior to any other form of life anywhere.

Conservatives ( that are just inherently obnoxious ) on steroids.

Liberals, equally ostentatious and egotistical.

‘Independents’ prideful of their know-nothingism.

Very few that do know when to say nothing.

The old line about what opinions are like…everybody has one, does not apply in SLO.

In SLO, they all have MORE than one ! Many more !

To metaphorize, they’ed look like a piece of pink swiss cheese covered with hair; if we could see what they really looked like.

I find more humanity, spirituality, friendliness, AND true intelligence among the dispossessed in the ‘frowned on’ communities around here. All of the ‘lesser’ towns, cities, communities that I have personally heard degraded by many, many snobs in SLO.

“Happy Town” ? More like Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder town, that is ‘happy’ being a sociopathic dictator.


Be happy or move on.


we are all in this



No man is an island.

However, some think that they are continents, a few consider themselves oceans, but most imagine themselves as entire planets…stars…solar systems…even galaxies, constellations…indeed, the entire cosmos.

Those that think they are God are smaller than what they are.


In the beginning was the word and the word was with god



…but think of it this way, not THE word, but ONE word.

One Word = Universe.

UNI = One, Verse = Word.

Now, there is a choice….Good, Bad, or conflicted.

Most think they choose Good, but end up being conflicted.

Some choose Bad, but pretend to be Good.

I chose not to choose. ( Took awhile, but my buddhist/zavedic/jesuit/halmudic/ancien training finally took hold )

I realize that this is like speaking ‘dog’ to a dolphin, but offer it up to fairly intelligent sponges nonetheless.


This is one example where I agree with conservatism …as it is understood in modern terms.

A frequent complaint of many self proclaimed conservatives is “over regulation”.

If sleeping is ‘against the law’, then that law is an ass.

Taxpayers are also being cheated by paying the salaries of these police that are wasting their time citing mules for crimes.

I suppose now that taxpayers will have to pony up millions of dollars for a new state-of-the-art structure for an animal jail…along with the pay for guards 24/7 and court appointed attorneys for all indigent creatures.


GEEEZ….Now I’m denigrated for being a CONSERVATIVE !

Rodney Dangerfield, here I come !


too soon.


“a new state-of-the-art structure for an animal jail” We already have one. It’s called Animal Control, and they basically execute just about every creature they can.


647(e)…..Open Container….

His arrest in May by SLO PD sounds unreasonable but who knows what happened that night, but his threat by Sheriff to move along or get cited for an ‘open container’ (alcohol) seems reasonable to me. Hell, I’ve gotten busted twice for an open container. Why should he get a pass?


I wonder what the lazy cops and other ‘authorities’ would do with John Muir, or Jack Kerouac, or John Steinbeck today ?

What would these historically famous people do with these soul-less husks masquerading as people ?

Ted Slanders

Good call Garth!

The city of San Luis Obispo is so un-christianlike that I am sure it makes Jesus sick!


Brother Ted … I took the initiative…put on my yarmulke, entered my prayer closet, wrapped myself in my ‘Jesus blanket’, and petitioned the Lord.

Praise ! HE answered, and it was quick….quote, ” I would not merely chase these Publicans, Saducees, and hypocrites with a broom and its bristles; but would seek to implant the handle firmly in the fundament of those of such pitiful lack of faith and mistreatment towards the children of God…so that they and everyone would witness their blasphemy and sins much as the mark of Cain”.

I have been truly blessed by this enlightenment !

Hosah !


The Mark of Cain is the new black, Mormons are done with it.

Ted Slanders

For Mr, John Sears, it seems as though the closet Christian divisional church is Saint Steven’s Episcopal church that is located at 1344 Nipomo St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. (805) 543-7212.

All Mr. Sears has to do is take himself and his two friends to the above church and they will take care of him while he stays in San Luis Obispo. Saint Steven’s Episcopal Church will undoubtedly follow the examples set forth by our Jesus as listed below so they won’t become hypocrites to the faith.

Jesus said: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.” ( Proverbs 31:8)

“Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.” (Psalm 82:3)

SLO Police, are you going to argue with Jesus the Christ on this one? Huh?


Brother Ted ….This is even more insidious and unGodly than you describe; to wit :

Genesis 2:2-3 …” And on the seventh day, God ended his work which he had made; and he RESTED on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.

And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it : because that in it he had RESTED from all his work which God created and made. ”

These ‘men’ without God make up a man-made ‘law’ against REST …rest that is God created, ordained, and sanctified.

Now, GOOD men, men of God, have determined that involuntary sleep deprivation is a type of torture; thus “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Any other thoughts along these lines that your vast knowledge of the scriptures would enlighten all of us ?


Yeah…..I may as well move back to Los Angeles. They are crazy there too…but at least everyone recognizes and acknowledges it. Here, they try to be glossy-hip and do not recognize that nearly EVERYONE was homeless when they moved west to settle in-and we should be allowed to still be cowboys-or Indians-or, whatever we damned well please. These days, you are forced into “the system”. Don’t want to participate and feel better living in the cowboy era? 647(e) for you-loser.


This is yet another example of being illegal if you don’t have and spend a lot of money on modern life. It is illegal to be poor, to camp in an unused spot of land, to house the homeless in less than perfect or permitted spaces (that are often as good as anything else, yet not meeting stringent and often ridiculous ‘codes’ written by those with little knowledge of or connection to large segments of society.

It is illegal to park and sleep on a pull over in the road if you are broke or exhausted. The laws (and cops) would rather you ‘keep moving’ while in a dangerous state of awareness. When young and traveling (far from home.) I was rousted a few times for simply sleeping in my truck.

I think this guy is a cool example of times gone by and ought to be honored for living the simple life.

Other than being a criminal for not having an expensive home has he done anything wrong?

Too damn many rules governing arenas of life that don’t need governing.

I’m not on FB, but those who are should contact him with support and maybe someone has a bit of land he could camp on for a few nights.


“I think this guy is a cool example of times gone by and ought to be honored for living the simple life.

Other than being a criminal for not having an expensive home has he done anything wrong?

Too damn many rules governing arenas of life that don’t need governing.

I’m not on FB, but those who are should contact him with support and maybe someone has a bit of land he could camp on for a few nights.”

How about organizing a civil disobedience “sleep-in” on the streets to protest these inhumane ‘laws’ ?

the guy paso

How about going to the library, get on one of the computers, opening a FB account and then inviting him to stay with you?


From all indications, Mr. Sears is not looking to stay with anyone. He’s a nomad with mules, fer chrissakes ! He just wants to be left alone ! …or at least be unmolested in his vagabond travels.

( Why he subjects himself to the misery of company on FB is a mystery …but heck, it’s his choice ).

BTW …that’s a strawman argument. I could just as easily ask you why you don’t find a watermelon to sit on.


Arrested? Well, it’s not too hard to figure who the real asses are in this story. Well done, San Luis. You’ll no doubt once again, be recognized as the happiest town in America.

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