Could George Clooney be the next governor of California?

June 19, 2014

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)Another Hollywood actor may soon make a run for the California Governor’s Mansion. [Daily Mirror]

As Governor Jerry Brown is widely expected to win reelection in November, the California Democratic Party appears to already be turning its focus to 2018. Friends of George Clooney told the Daily Mirror that the Democratic Party is courting the actor to run for governor.

Clooney, 53, is marrying British lawyer Amal Alamuddin in September but is expected to launch a political career soon after. The actor is friends with President Barack Obama and talk has already surfaced of Clooney running for the White House.

In recent years, Clooney has focused his political work on humanitarian missions and gay rights campaigns.

The Hollywood star is the son of Nick Clooney, a longtime journalist who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2004.

fishing village

Unfortunately, we have a history of actors as governor/president, oh my, what can I say….I’ll wait and see.


Behold the power of television.


Please God, no. (and I’m an atheist!)


I think he will be the perfect candidate for the folks who get all their “news” from people magazine.


More like the anti – Faux Noise candidate.

just thinking

I think he would be a good choice compared to Reagan. I don’t see him closing

State Mental hospitals then dumping them in Berkley. But I am also reminded of a

Bumper Sticker that blue with white letters, circulated during Reagan’s running for

Governor. “Beware the Actor”. I suspect it will be back only; red background with white


Just Thinking


Regarding the “Beware of actor” bumpersticker…

The major difference between Clooney and Reagan at the point in their careers when they first ran for office is this: Clooney has decades of experience in political and humanitarian activism. He is well-versed current and historical activism, both national and international. While certainly he will have advisors, he has enough of a knowledge base that he will not be dependent on a raft of radical-right, politicochristian handlers. In addition, George Clooney’s father both ran for office and served in office, and George Clooney in interviews has spoken of what he learned from the experience.

Reagan, on the other hand, had zero political experience–and interest–in politics, on any level, before he ran for governer, and his interest in politics, especially humanitarian politics, did not increase during his time in office as governor or president.

Reagan was basically a breathing cardboard-cutout of a governor and president, who completely depended on his gaggle of radical-right advisors who both set and implemented state and Whitehouse policies. In fact, the day after Reagan was elected president, nutball-right , Machiavellian, power-monger Paul Weyrich handed over a detailed and expansive, two four-inch-binder set of policies that he demanded to be enacted during Reagan’s White House terms of office. Almost all of Weyrich’ s demanded policies were enacted during Reagan’s terms in office.

It was Weyrich’ s policies that produced so much harm and lasting damage to our country. He was the one who advised Reagan to bend knee to the religious-right extremist power-brokers like Pat Robertson, which resulted in the marriage of the religious-right nutballs like Robertson and Paul Weyrich to the Republican Party.

Before Reagan’s first term was finished, the newly powerful politicochristian right would have created a choke-hold on the GOP, which soon learned it would have to dance to the tune of avaristict politicochristian-right moguls like Robertson to win elections.

In a classic tale of the tail wagging the dog, thanks to shortsighted, terrible decisions by the party and its star performer, Ronald Reagan, they ended up handing over their reins of power to a group of Christ-pimping political folks whose goals were short-term power and financial gains for themselves, and the country be damned.

The road to the collapse of the once-great GOP started with Ronald Reagan’s presidency, and has steadily worsened since then.

Clooney is the antithesis of Reagan. Clooney has political experience and a wide base of political knowledge. He is greatly interested in humanitarian issues. He is smart and , importantly, has a keen interest in politics and political policy. He does not need the governorship or presidency to increase his financial standing. He will not allow a bunch of handlers to pimp him and the governorship or presidency.

So I do not think you need to worry about Clooney being another cardboard-cutout governor or president.

Old Salt

Thinking like yours is what got “The Obama” elected twice…


“Thinking” now that’s a stretch.


Hunter S. Thompson on Reagan, 1983: “For the last 20 years he has functioned brilliantly as the flag-waving frontman for a gang of fast-buck Southern California profit takers who no longer need him”.

Reagan was an out-of-work actor, an ‘amiable dunce’, that allowed these domestic fascists to install war criminals such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George H. W. Bush ( with his family’s background as Nazi collaborators ) to actually run the government.

HST later commented, “We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world, a nation of bullies and bastards that would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just Whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us. No redeeming social value, just whores. Get out of our way, or we’ll kill you.

Who does vote for these dishonest s***heads ? Who among us can be happy and proud of having all this innocent blood on our hands ? Who are thses swine ? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids like george Bush ? They are the same ones who wanted to have Muhammad Ali locked up for for refusing to kill gooks. They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and vicious in the American character. They are the racists and hate mongers among us ; they are the Ku Klux Klan.

I p*** down the throats of these Nazis. And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not.

**** them “.

Old Salt

I wonder…

What would Hunter S. Thompson say about “THE OBAMA.”

That The Obama believes Terrorists are the modern day Freedom Fighters?

Like Obama said, “The Muslim Call to Prayer is One of “Prettiest Sounds on Earth”at sunset.”


Naw ..You don’t wonder at all .Probably never have.


I would suggest you do some research about the life of Reagan, as well as Clooney.

Your revisionist characterization of both of these gentlemen is quite humorous.


Why do I get the feeling that you can’t regard anyone who is not a Democrat party stalwart as a thinking human being (“cardboard-cutout?”) who just has a different perspective on things with which you disagree? I probably lean to the left more often than the right overall but I can at least see the perspectives of both sides. Whatever failings each has (in my view) does not mean that they are wrong about everything.

Clooney may have a larger base of knowledge about the political world than Reagan did when he got into politics (I really don’t know for sure), but it is entirely possible that his views are as biased by his sources, his perspectives and his values as you say Reagan was. He will probably have different negatives than Reagan but that doesn’t mean that they will be of lesser importance.


Well, chances are he couldn’t do any worse than the current leadership of California.

But then…..


I disagree. I do not agree with every one of Brown’s policies and actions as governor, but he has turned our state Sri uhh nd from the destiny of a train wreck where Schwarzenegger left it.


You’re both incorrect in blaming the past 2 governors for the problems of our state. There are many factors involved but neither Jerry nor Arnold inherited a good situation. The biggest reason (within the control of state gov’t) for that was excessive budgetary optimism by both the legislature and the people who supported too many debt-inducing propositions.

Old Salt

Governor Brown’s California Retirement System is Bankrupting the State…!

I believe it was Governor Brown and the Democratic Controlled Legislature who helped establish CCPOA one of the most POWERFUL Unions in California…Brown also gave the Highway Patrol and CCPOA at that time 90 percent of Salary at retirement at age 50 and Exorbitant Salaries and retirements for almost all State Employees except grade school and high school teachers. What a man…!


Wasn’t it Grey Davis who gave away the farm? This isn’t a challenge question, I just wondered…


Exactly what we need. A global warming zealot who flies on his private jet between his 7,000 square foot mansion in California and 18th centuy mansion in Italy to dictate to the rabble how to conform to his world view, from which he is exempt.

Vote Clooney!


Look at it this way…unlike what we had to do for Reagan, we won’t have to buy a Western White House for Clooney, where he can play manly-man cowboy and hide out so folks won’t know he is senile and incompetent to be president.


Just for your info, Reagan owned his ranch before he became President. The only thing they had to do was import trailers for the Secret Service (which had to be a challenge given the road they had to be brought in on.) This is not to say that he wasn’t pretty much like every other president elected since in his use of taxpayer funds to maintain a wealthy lifestyle. It seems to be part of the process for “acting Presidential.”


Seriously? Our state is billions of dollars in debt, businesses are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship, taxes are going up with nothing to show for them, we rank next to the bottom in education, and we have an actor with no managerial experience or financial background who wants to be governor and focus on humanitarian issues (read: more government handout programs) and gay rights?

I recommend buying stock in U-Haul!


Much like the Reagan years as governor… except for the gay part.


Ronnie was a fraud who projected self loathing

George is real authentically human, not sucking up for power.


While being an actor should not automatically disqualify some one from politics — look at the mess “professional politicians” have made of government — it shouldn’t be considered a positive qualification either. Personally, I have a fair bit of distrust of any Hollywood personality as part of that profession is projecting an image to appeal to people that doesn’t necessarily correspond to what they really think and believe. This makes them as suspect as lawyers and salesmen when it comes to credibility.

However, if he does run, he has a fair chance of winning if he can get the support of the Democrat Party. He has the two most important ingredients necessary for getting votes — positive name recognition and enough money to buy the ads needed to feed the information (positive or negative, true or false) to the majority of voters who do not carefully research connections, positions or history.


At least we’ll likely have a bevy of hot women taking turns auditioning for “first lady”.

Might make for a good reality show…governing by day, playboy by night.


He already has that covered. He is engaged to a rich, powerful and accomplished English attorney.


Engagements and marriages in Hollywood last about as long as chilling does in my digestive system.

By the way,when was Reagan governor of ca 50 years ago. I pray to god that I have long since forgotten the piece of shit currently residing in the White House 50 years from now.

Old Salt

I thought you Socialist’s didn’t like people being RICH….

Oh I forgot he’d be in the Ruling Class.


amen brother.


Give me a call. I’ll help you pack for your relocation to a conservative nirvana like Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Mississippi, et al; where your new-found neighbors will think you a stuck-up elitist and spit tobacco juice at you from the many gaps in their teeth ( tooth ).


Sounds like the talk of a real hater, one with a deep seated, venomous , bigoted hatred.


Just trying to be helpful.


I like the idea !

Clooney famously had a pet pig once. He should be more than qualified to deal with state legislators and other politicians.


Are you kidding me? That guy can be and so whatever he wants! Wait….aren’t I bowing down to the altar of cultural norms (good looks, money) and swooning a bit here? Okay…there is one exception….and this man is it…. :) Wait…do they have the happy face with the tongue hanging out…?


Narcissism is the charge leveled by the ugly against the good looking.