Hearst Castle replacing public restrooms with port-a-potties

June 26, 2014

hearst_castle_poolIn San Luis Obispo County’s latest drought relief measure, California state parks has opted to close the public restrooms at the Hearst Castle Visitor Center and replace them with portable toilets. [KSBY]

State parks will close the restrooms on July 7. Hearst Castle visitors will then have choices of 38 port-a-potties flanked by at least six hand sanitizer stations.

Officials say the closure of the restrooms will reduce water use by 40 to 50 percent. State parks has also closed the restrooms at the Santa Rosa Creek, Leffingwell Landing and Washburn day use areas.

Additionally, showers are no longer available for use at the San Simeon campground.

Hearst Castle is also eliminating annual plantings of new plants, and workers are doing most irrigation by hand.

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Out door facilities?…when are the Clampett’s moving it?

I will guarantee our Asian visitors will really balk at this, and I don’t blame them , are they going to lower the price to the castle?

the technology for a de sal plant works , what the hell is wrong with the state of CA all the ocean and all the FRESH water available..

Brown – Sacramento – cancel the “Train to Nowhere” and construct a cotton-pickin’ desal plant to service Cambria/San Simeon/Hearst Castle! Stop the insanity and just do what’s sensible for a change. And, come to think of it, how will trucking in 38 chemical toilets and returning time and again to service those units contribute to the reduction of our carbon

footprint that everyone’s yelling about?

Hehe, carbon footprint. We’re so trained.

Class…..nothing but class.

There’s a drought? Tell that to the La Panza, Creston Alfalfa farmer. Plenty of water in NoCounty

I can see it now, a row of people plopped down in a 10 holer, getting ready to tour a castle.


And has anyone used a portable toilet lately? Yes, it’s not ideal, but they have come a long way baby!! Especially the Honey Huts. And if that’s was necessary to keep money in the county than so be it! People use them at festivals, weddings and concerts all the time. This won’t be that big of a deal.

Isn’t Hearst Castle on it’s own water system? With it’s own wells?

Quiet. Please let the narrative play out. Do not disrupt the “optics” on this. Thank you.

This will certainly impress foreign visitors. It gives the state such a good image. What are disabled people going to use for a bathroom. I’m certain that you can’t use a porta-potty when you are in a wheel chair or a walker. It seems to violate the Americans With Disabilities Act and invites a lawsuit.

No worries, SLOJohnny, the State thinks of everything! This morning’s Tribune reports


“Beginning July 7, restrooms at the Hearst Castle Visitor Center will be closed and 38

chemical toilets installed, INCLUDING SIX DESIGNED FOR THOSE WITH


Harvey haz handicap honey huts

They do actually make ADA compliant handicap units.

Bet if Lady Gaga, wanted to do another video shoot she’d be allowed to use the regular restrooms…

So the water wasted during her video shoot could have keep the restrooms open for how much longer?, through the summer season? did anyone loose their job over that waste??

No water is ever wasted. It naturally recycles, and has been doing so for millions of years – or so I am told.

Ain’t a thing wrong with a slow news day on the central coast!