One in 10 California voters pick Leland Yee for secretary of state

June 4, 2014
Leland Yee

Leland Yee

Approximately 10 percent of Californians who voted in the secretary of state primary election selected alleged crime boss Leland Yee as their choice to become the state’s next chief elections officer.

Yee, a suspended state senator, is currently out on bail following a March arrest for firearms trafficking and political corruption. Federal prosecutors accuse Yee of sidestepping campaign donation rules and engaging in a conspiracy to deal automatic guns and shoulder-launched missiles.

Following the arrest, Yee’s attorney said that Yee was withdrawing his candidacy for secretary of state.

Still, Yee received a total of 287,590 votes, or 9.8 percent of the votes cast in the secretary of state election. He finished third in an eight-person race for the office.

In San Luis Obispo County, Yee tallied 4,617 votes, or 10.87 percent. Yee was the third most popular secretary of state candidate in the county, as well.

Elections officials have not yet counted all of the vote by mail ballots, so Yee’s vote count will likely rise.

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The reason phishing scams work

A couple of months ago the US Congress tried to pass a law that would have required the

President of the United States of America to follow the law.

181 congressmen voted against the law, no surprise all of the congressmen that voted

against the law were democrats.

a rider on the fiftieth vote to repeal obama care amirite? how many are they up to now?

What’s the big deal? The president of the United States just likely committed treason against this country. What’s a little weapons smuggling among friends. The Obama and Reagan white houses did that as well.

And I will bet a mint that a vast majority of these idiot voters are anti-gun. I would not even be surprised if Martinez, who tragically lost his son but blamed it on the NRA, voted for Yee. We are indeed screwed.

I voted for him, who better to represent the democrats in November than a gun running criminal?- oh wait Obama can’t run again and Holder has no plans that I know of so Yee is it.

Good for u. Yee should be proud. What the article doesn’t mention is that the dodgers new creepy mascot only got 8% of the vote.

Besides, if u don’t vote for an Asian can that be considered racist?

I just threw up in my mouth. What a bunch of dumb, sick people. There is no hope left.

We are the dumb ones. The ones who work, pay taxes and carry the load. We are down to a workforce of 90 M out of 300M people. 2 people riding in the cart for every 1 person pulling.

stowing over a hot slave?

So this one of three likely reasons for so many votes. #1 as previously indicated voters are clueless. #2 287,590 criminals who Leyland did business wanted him to stay in office or #3 and my favorite, people will vote for an individual based on ethnicity regardless of how big of a schmuck D’bag he or she is.

As evidenced by what occupies the White House at this time.

Re: #3

Bruce Gison won by a very wide margin, so nothing about yesterday’s election surprises me. That’s what happens when so few take the time to register and vote.


Many registered voterss, such as myself are so disgusted with the political system, with both parties and all candidates that we do not deem any candidate worthy of our vote.

Same for ballot measures. Look at all the time and money spent on, for example, Prop 8. It passes and a week later one man (a judge) throws it out. What’s the point?

I know if you don’t vote you can’t complain, however, not voting is a vote. A vote of disgust.

40% of the blame goes to our schools and 40% of the blame goes to the feckless butt kissing media. And 10% of the blame goes to today’s office holders for not instituting and requiring a civics test before being allowed to vote. WOW!

Fewer than I thought. I was betting 20% at least.

Who are you, Pollyanna? :)