Paso Robles plane crash victims identified

June 8, 2014

planeTwo Paso Robles men died Saturday morning when the single engine plane they had just taken off in crashed near Vineyard Drive.

John Warren, 66, was piloting the plane belonging to his passenger Robert Berg, 82. They were the only occupants of the plane that took off shortly after 10 a.m. from a private runway owned by Berg and his wife Donna.

Witnesses told investigators the plane banked to the right and then spiraled to the ground.

Both men died at the scene, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office said.

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The bubble-headed bleached blond

comes on at 5:00.

She can tell about the plane crash,

with a gleam in her eye

And I don’t care if they have a PR zip code. Look at a map…nowhere near PR.

Oh well, sorry for making a stink about this on this thread. It just happens a lot. I’ll give it a rest.

Not a big issue in light of this tragedy but why does the media call everything north of Atascadero, “Paso”? This crash was off of Vineyard just north of 46. Not even close to PR but has always been considered Templeton.

Both of the dead are from Paso. RIP

The Berg’s Ranch is in Templeton and I believe they live on the ranch where the crash occurred.

So, they got it wrong, not the first time that has happened.