Santa Barbara buyback nets more than 200 guns

June 16, 2014

pellet gunSanta Barbara police collected nearly 240 guns Saturday in exchange for Vons gift cards and cash. [KEYT]

The police department held the city’s first gun buyback program in conjunction with The Coalition Against Gun Violence. Event organizers planned to exchange grocery store gift cards in exchange for unwanted guns, but they ran out of Vons cards and had to resort to offering cash to conclude the event.

Police said they plan to send the guns to Los Angeles for destruction.

Attendees of the buyback included Congresswoman Lois Capps and state senator Hannah Beth Jackson. Both Capps and Jackson are backing new gun control legislation following last month’s Isla Vista rampage left six students dead, three by way of shootings and three by stabbings.

Capps said neighborhoods are much safer because of Saturday’s buyback.

“I want to salute the Coalition Against Gun Violence,” Capps said.

Officials said they planned the buyback event months prior to the Isla Vista rampage.

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Capps says neighborhoods are much safer after the gun buy back. Um the neighborhoods of Baghdad or where Boko the Hairless are striking now. So if their much safer that must mean all 200 owners were criminals and/or physco’s ready to kill. Pathetic are these sheep who willingly surrender their means self defense to propagandists who claim they will be protected.

Here is a remarkable and short video on crime data. The data comes right off the FBI and Home Office (UK) databases. Well worth a watch:

Sorry about that, Slowerfaster. You lose. Again.

Interesting. Of course nobody in the media wants to really investigate things anymore so this sort of detail will just be ignored.It’s much easier to just publish the drivel that’s hand fed to them.