Attack outside Mid-State Fair deemed a hate crime

July 29, 2014

fairA 25-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly assaulted an African-American man while yelling racist remarks outside the California Mid-State Fair last week. [Tribune]

On July 20 shortly after 10 p.m., Ernest Martin, 50, left the fair and was walking through a parking lot with his wife when Cristian Sioldea, 25, allegedly hit him on the back of the head causing a concussion. Sioldea’s wife was knocked to the ground and suffered scrapes and cuts.

After Martin scuffled with his assailant, he was able to subdue Sioldea until security arrived.

Police arrested Sioldea on two charges of battery, an assault charge and a special allegation of being a hate crime. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 28.

Theo P. Neustic

He also has a spacebook page with pictures of friends, one of which appears to be African-American.

This guy, from what I’ve seen on the internet, is a Canadian citizen, whose educated family emigrated to Canada from Romania. His father is an engineer.

Now, here’s the problem that law enforcement, because of political correctness, has brought upon itself. Every time an illegal immigrant or citizen of another country commits a crime in this county, law enforcement only reports that the person is a resident of some city in SLO County, that is, if they have an address.

Now we have a hate crime reported with the county (about to get a black eye on racial relations nationwide), and if they follow the same procedures, they would report this guy as a resident if he has an address here. Part of the problem goes back to the state law that says you are a lawful resident of the state when you cross into California with the intent of living here.

The simple solution would be to identify the citizenship of every person arrested for a crime.

Some of the newspaper chains like McClatchy will not allow their newspapers to identify illegal immigrants, but there is no reason not to identify the person as a citizen of another country. The CHP in this county also needs to identify people driving without a license in accidents and their citizenship.

By not giving us all the information, they are deceiving people in the county along the lines of ignorance is bliss. It’s not.


Something changed in me the day President Kennedy was shot. There was a mix up at our elementary school and in their shock and upset, they erroneously set off the “Red alert”. This was a particular bell system that signaled Russia was bombing the US and we were to leave everything (jackets, books, etc) and RUN home (while watching the sky to avoid falling bombs). That one little exit out of our school was way too small for the ensuing panic, and there were broken bones, a broken nose, traumatized children and much more. One little Jewish boy, certain a fate was coming that was horrendous-hid underneath his house when he got home and found no one there. He didn’t make it…they were searching the neighborhood and forgot to look under the house-where they found him days later.

The “something that changed” is rather elusive and hard to define, but it goes something like this: I detest the general public; the human masses. I would never attend that fair-or any other place these heathens gather en masse. They trash the earth, are uncaring and they fight like dogs without a master and: they hate. They hate gays, hate different races, hate women, hate overweight people, hate the homeless, hate one another. You hear and see them being abusive to their children in public without concern for any one or any spiritual belief that instructs otherwise. They consume alcohol until they become insane and will sometimes form mobs of hatred.

Look up the case of Kitty Genovese, the woman raped and stabbed in clear view in the 60’s in front of over 100 people; none of whom summoned help. And, the attack went on for hours. Mob mentality shows the true conglomerative nature of humans. Yes, this is the big picture of things, however, the scope of how pathetic human nature is….never ceases to shock and sicken me on a daily basis.


Bye…bye..Miss American Pie….


indigo: do you include yourself when you bemoan the “true congolmerative nature of humans?”

Do you consider your own nature to be “pathetic”?

Your post just sounds so harsh, like you think everyone who attends a fair is a drunken racist. Just wondering…


Welcome to the Mid-State un-Fair!


Just a great (local) example of our news being controlled.


No word on where Cristian Sioldea is from? I went to the fair one time, just to remind myself why I do not go more often. I thought I had crossed into a time/distant warp and woke up in Sao Paulo.


You have to ask that question?

I will give you two guesses…the Valley or the Valley.


Something wrong with the details on this story. Heard on KPRL this AM that “fair security” arrived but told the victim they “couldn’t intervene”? Why not?! If this is true then the MSF hires the biggest wimpy idiots in the history of so-called security. They absolutely CAN AND SHOULD INTERVENE! They just stood around watching the victim subdue the attacker? Why did the chumps even respond to the scene if they couldn’t intervene. The news release from Paso PD has to be missing something. I certainly hope that fair security DID intervene and waited for Paso PD to take him into custody and INVESTIGATE it. If fair security just stood around and didn’t help the guy they should never again be allowed to work in a “security” job, especially not at the fair.


Don’t know if they still do, but years ago Gary Nemeth (SLO Police Officer) was hired to do security and he hired the big, healthy, focused security to maintain law and order the best you can at a fair. I do understand maybe not interfering if this was off the fair grounds but as individual citizens they could have helped Mr. Martin. People need to get involved if possible. We cannot live in fear or criminals win!


If the fair security guards said they couldn’t help, then Mr. Martin needs to sue the fair. The security guards were not trained correctly.

What if a young girl was being stabbed in the crosswalk? Would they say the same thing? When someone has been attacked and asks for help, you help them–PERIOD.


If you get directly involved in a this type of situation, you can get shot dead. Call 911 and let the Police do their job. The security guards are only allowed to deal with the Fairground. The liability and workmans’ comp insurance won’t cover them anywhere else.


Are you serious?! A dude is getting attacked and you stand there and wait until police get there, possibly too late? That is pathetic. Little girl getting raped, dial 911 and watch until the cops get there? You sir, are a coward and I can’t begin to tell you how wrong you are with your post.


I am still irritated at your post. You would let an innocent get beat to heck because you are worried about liability and workman’s comp? that infuriates me! What happened to being a citizen then? Holy cow! Your post demonstrates EXACTLY what has gone wrong in this country. Thanks for nothing.


I suspect that the Fairgrounds Security have been very specifically told what the limits of their authority are and also told that they would be fired if they exceeded it — as they could have been if the conflict took place outside the fairgrounds.

Now you and I may not value such a job enough to overcome our moral outrage and given assistance no matter what. But we don’t know the circumstances of the individuals from Fair Security enough to pass judgment on them. Maybe the people who run Fairgrounds Security need to re-evaluate and refine their policies instead of blaming the rent-a-cops for standing around observing.


I heard yesterday there was a lot of different things kept under wraps and out of public consumption of things going on at fair.

It is my understanding now from a couple unrelated sources that a guy was in the men’s bathroom when a woman walked in because she didn’t want to wait for line at woman’s. The guy mentioned to her that it probably wasn’t a good idea that she was in there. She left and returned with four male friends that supposedly proceed to beat the everlovin shit out of the poor guy.

Wound up with a broken jaw. Hmm didn’t see that in the news???


That would be “everlivin'”, not “everlovin'”. :)

Anyway, I agree with your post. The fair is out-of-control and needs to be seriously downsized like SLO did to Mardi Gras when it got out of control.


It is the line from My Cousin Vinny in the bar when he says………………..

You like to renegotiate as you go along, huh? Okay then, here’s my counteroffer: do I have to kill you? What if I were just kick the ever-loving shit out of you?


Yeah, you are right. Vinny screwed it up. It is supposed to be ever-livin’. LOL! Anyway, nice post. :)


Just a minor inaccuracy there SamLuis…. “Sioldea’s wife was knocked to the ground and suffered scrapes and cuts.”

Sioldea was the perp’, so it was his wife knocked to the ground not the victims…

I just find it interesting that the use of the “hate crime” special allegation is very seldom used when it comes to African-American violence against Whites, even when it’s clear the only reason the act was done was because of race…

Equality? Sometimes it makes me wonder…


Sorry SamLuis,

Just read the Trib’s report and you are right, it was Mr. Martin’s wife knocked about.


Lessee, some POS tried to cold-cock someone twice his age who was minding his own business and then knocked the victim’s wife off her feet to boot?

The victim then subdues the POS until the calvary arrived? That POS needs prison time…




LOL! I was going to mention it but had already made one attempted correction earlier in this thread. :)