Cuesta students travel world studying global climate change

July 29, 2014

cuesta tripLed by Cuesta College physics instructor Dr. James Eickemeyer, two groups of Cuesta College students recently traveled to multiple countries around the world to study physics and climate change. The trips spanned the countries of Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia.

Receiving two credits each for a field studies in physics course, 17 students explored the principles of nuclear physics via a tour of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) located near Switzerland. The collider is the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. Built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the LHC is considered one of the greatest engineering milestones of mankind. The structure measures 17 miles in circumference and lies in a tunnel nearly 600 feet beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. The trip took place from May 26 – June 9.

“We were fortunate to get access to the underground facility at CERN,” Dr. Eickemeyer said. “From this unique experience, we gained a better understanding of the difficulties involved in explaining why the universe is composed of matter rather than antimatter.”

Then on June 23, six students took traveled to New Zealand and Australia, where they explored the principles of global warming as it relates to environmental changes. The Global Warming Studies class gathered data on decreases in glacier size, increases in desert size and changes in the health of coral reefs.

“We swam with a marine biologist through the Great Barrier Reef to determine the health of the reef, and the possible associations between the reef health and global climate change,” Dr. Eickemeyer said.

This was the second time Dr. Eickemeyer led a course in Switzerland; the first trip took place last summer. He plans to continue the Global Warming Studies course next summer in Europe.


CERN must have been really exciting!!!! Great for you students!


“Humanity might be wise to at least hold off on destroying the global economy and creating a planetary carbon budget in the name of fighting “global warming” — especially since the latest data confirms that it has been stopped for almost two decades.”


Senator Whitehouse LOL


Don’t buy into the scam, people. Lots of info onlline. You just have to get away from your CNN comfort addiction.

‘Fewer and fewer’ in Senate buy global warming

Lawmaker tells radio host even his colleagues see through science ‘hoax’


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Scientists on climate change: Er, never mind!

Researchers admit data showing warming trend can’t be verified


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Remember, lots of peoples’ mortgage payments are threatened if the cult of GW is revealed to be a fraud; so they’ll fight hard.


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Global climate change will occur whether humans are living on the planet or not. The big lie is that people and carbon dioxide are causing global temperatures to increase. It’s not true. I can only hope that this teacher has given both sides to this theory. Because that is all it is…a theory. A theory based on flawed computer models.


How many tons of carbon was produced in order to fly these little scientists around the world? Kinda like Al Gore and his private jet, 50,000 sqft mansion, etc. WAKE UP!


What does the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland have to do with climate change? They conduct research into high energy subatomic particle physics; my brother is a scientist there.

Each of the students that traveled to New Zealand and Australia generated tons of CO2 gas when flying back and forth. To reduce the risks of global warming, it’s better to let the local scientists and students do the research down under and stay here and read there reports.


nice vacation.

what are these people doing about this in their own backyard?

solid profession, though.


Who paid for their trip?

Who approved it?

Who benefited?

Global Warming is a hoax and there’s tons on info online about it.

Fire this teacher and get rid of this class.


There is also tons of info online about 9-11 conspiracies, the evils of the new Ukrainian government, moon landing hoaxes and probably thousands of other slanted, distorted and outright nutty theories.

You can quibble about the details of how much man is contributing to Global Warming, how fast it is proceeding and (most legitimately) how it will effect different parts of the world in the future. But if think it is a hoax, you have been hoodwinked.

Whether this trip will be of any benefit to the students is a separate question. I would hope that the travel funding is largely from the students.


What a waste. The climate is changing. It always has and always will. Humans have a negligible impact, if any, on climate change. No proof whatsoever that humans cause it. I will go so far as to say that our current climate change is good for the earth. Of course, too many people have their cushy jobs depending on the fatalistic view that human-caused climate change will kill us all so “human-caused climate change” is here to stay and will screw us over for the rest of time.