Sunken car in Laguna Lake had been stolen

July 29, 2014

laguna lake 2The Subaru station wagon found in Laguna Lake on Sunday had been missing since 2006 and was previously stolen, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Police officials said that the station wagon had been reported stolen in Pismo Beach in 1996. But, records indicated that the vehicle did not go missing until 10 years later.

Investigators still do not know how long the car was submerged, but they believe it had been in the lake for a long time. Officers did not identify any evidence inside the vehicle, although the keys remained in the ignition.

San Luis Obispo police have located the owner of the Subaru. The individual is no longer a resident of San Luis Obispo County.


Kristen Smart/Paul Flores connection?


For Sale: 1996ish Subaru Wagon. Low, low miles. Just COMPLETELY washed inside and out. Seats are hardly worn. Rubber is in perfect shape. No dings in windshield. Minor electrical problems. Sold as is.


That car is now officially a Submaru.


The car was stolen in 1996 but did not go missing until 2006. What? There has to be a typo here. Maybe the car was a 1996 Subaru that was stolen in 2006. The car belongs to the insurance company now.


LOL….I had to read that part of the story over again too…

Makes you wonder…


Car belongs to the insurance company? Yea it’s called scrap.


Maybe that guy at the City of San Luis Obispo who routinely resells government surplus on the side can sell this vehicle as scrap and give a little back to the community. Rather than just taking.