Driver takes aim at downtown SLO law firm

July 30, 2014

carA speeding driver crashed through a white picket fence in downtown San Luis Obispo Monday and came to a stop on the lawn in front of a law firm. [KSBY]

On Monday afternoon, a driver in a white car was speeding near the corner of Marsh and Carmel streets and tried to stop in order to avoid hitting a stopped car. But, the driver stepped on the gas instead of the brakes, causing the car to go through the fence at the Belsher, Becker & Roberts law office.

In addition to smashing the fence, the vehicle uprooted a no left turn sign, a photo shows.

No one suffered injuries in the crash, and only the one car was involved.

San Luis Obispo police responded to the crash and determined that the driver was speeding prior to the accident. Officers did not indicate, though, whether they would cite the driver.


” Officers did not indicate, though, whether they would cite the driver.”

Why not??? I get cited if I don’t signal before a lane change!!!


I’ve paid five figures to one of the principals of the firm, the work was successful in defending a property, and while it’s hard to love any lawyers, these people were among the leastoffensive and most cost effective I’ve seen. They repelled a meritless and brutal claim against my property. So………if you’re going to ram a lawyer office, ram somebody ELSE !

(A worker’s comp plaintiff lawyer would be an ideal target, for instance.) (And paint your bumper with sodium cyanide jewelry cleaner FIRST.)


Gee, the thumbs down are running eight to one on my post. Let’s discuss that: You people need to be more charitable, or else read for content. Unless all the lawyers on here read my post and did the thumbs down-ing.

First off, I gave them a COMPLIMENT of being functionally effective as well as cost effective on a significant (for a little guy investor) fee expense. They nailed the opposition on a specious claim and saved my property, for the price of a new car when it could have been oodles more with an inefficient firm (and, not knowing better, I’ve retained those too). Lighten up, thumbs downers, that cool little house happens to shelter efficient, smart lawyers who don’t screw the public.

Second, the sodium cyanide thing was a JOKE. For the most part:

Third, I DO have a reasoned animus against W Comp lawyers. Try being a small fry employer for decades in California and you’ll see lots of staged and fraudulent claims that devastate your rate (price) for required W comp insurance. INCLUDING claims where you catch the injured person MOVING their family in a U HAUL, ON CLEAR VIDEO, and that video proof of apparent fraud makes no change in their claim of a hand injury, nor the outcome.


I don’t often agree with you on things but I do on the Work Comp legal situation. Not only does stuff like you say occur, but the volume of phony claims puts a strain on the whole system which forces the insurers to triage what claims they actually fight. If a claim isn’t blatantly and provably false, they just accept it as it is too expensive to fight. After all, they can just raise the employer’s rates to cover the expenses of dubious claims (as well as legitimate ones.)

I wonder how many employees realize that this is a major factor in both keeping wages down and in just not hiring employees at all when it can be avoided?


I’ll step up. I put the thumb down on you. I agree that a lot of people thumbs down but won’t have the courage to engage in conversation. I don’t disagree with your premise, it was in your wording of ramming the lawyers office and to ram someone else. That can be taken as implying that the person did this with malice. I don’t believe done with malice. Stupidity, yea probably but not intentional imho. Yea it is a bit nit picky but I think the way one phrases something is important. Oh and yes I got that the cyanide was a joke.

Van helsing

Least offensive? One of their attorneys, Greg Connell, claimed that I was a “fag” and had

AIDS earlier this year while thinking he was posting on an anonymous forum as “Yurt”.

That’s not very smart for an attorney.


Halted short of target?


Had there been a pedestrian walking in front of the law firm at the time of this crash, their body would most likely have been pinned on the lawn underneath the car. This is extremely serious. No indication as to whether the driver was male/female, young/middle age/old?